Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Fast WiFi at home. This is how you increase the power of your router

WiFi at home can achieve very good speeds or, on the contrary, be slow and unstable. However, there are ways to speed up the internet at home. If we have replaced the router with a new one and our Internet speed from the operator is high (because, for example, we have optical fiber), there is still something we can do.

Of course, this is a WiFi amplifier, a special device that can improve the quality of our wireless Internet. How does a WiFi amplifier work and will it be useful in our everyday use of the Internet?

A WiFi amplifier (WiFi repeater) is a small relay that, on the one hand, receives the WiFi signal from the router and then forwards it. This device is equipped with antennas thanks to which it can receive and send signals from our router. We don’t have to connect it directly to the Internet via cable. All we need to do is connect it to our WiFi network during configuration.

The WiFi amplifier now works by receiving the Internet and forwarding it with greater strength. This means that when our device (e.g. computer or phone) is far from the router, it will have a WiFi amplifier closer. This way it will connect to a more stable network with a stronger signal. An amplifier is a WiFi extender that helps distribute the network better.

  • Our house or apartment is many square meters and the range of the router is not sufficient
  • We have thick walls in our house and in some rooms the WiFi is weak
  • We want to get better internet speed, e.g. on a TV or console far from the router
  • Outside the house (e.g. in the garden) the WiFi range is very poor

Configuring the WiFi extender is simple, but largely depends on the model you choose. Either way, connecting the WiFi extender to the router will take just a few steps. First, we need to make sure that we have a working and connected router with a WiFi network at home.

Now you need to choose a place where you will connect the WiFi amplifier. Typically, the device plugs directly into a power socket, without unnecessary cables. What is the best place for the amplifier? It is worth choosing one that is, on the one hand, close to an area with a weak signal and, on the other hand, still has access to good WiFi coverage. If the router is in the bedroom and the reception is poor in the living room, it is worth trying to connect it in the corridor between.

After turning on the amplifier, use the manufacturer’s dedicated application. When purchasing new equipment, we can be sure that our model is supported. After logging in, select the name of our network and enter the WiFi password. The repeater can create an extension of the network with the same password, which will be available to the rest of the devices.

A way to improve the quality of the WiFi signal at home is to change the channel. What’s the deal with the WiFi channel? This is a way to find the frequency that will ensure the best wireless Internet performance. Just find the least crowded channel and use its capabilities.

Just log in to our router. For this purpose, we use the IP address in the browser and log in by entering the login and password. Then you need to find the channels tab and then choose another one that is as least crowded as possible.