Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Eryk Kulm Jr as Fryderyk Chopin. The first photo is here!

Movie “Chopin, Chopin!” is being created at Akson Studio – the company that created such productions as “Filip”, “In-Laws”, “Mother's Day”, “Panic Attack”, “Nobody Sleeps in the Forest Today”, “Bodo” ​​and “Miasto 44”. He will sit in the director's chair Michał Kwiecińskiauthor of the famous “Filip”. He wrote the script Bartosz Janiszewski.

As announced by the creators, the film “Chopin, Chopin!” is expected to be one of the most expensive productions in the history of Polish cinema. The film's budget is PLN 64 million. The first announcement of the film and the activity showing the actor who will play Chopin have just appeared.

He will play the title character in the film Eryk Kulm Jr. The actor – as the creators say – not only resembles Fryderyk Chopin, he also has musical education. Kulm will independently perform the works of the Polish composer, which will be used in the film. The 33-year-old actor comes from a musical family, he graduated from the Music School, studying piano.

“The story will include several moments from the biography of the brilliant composer,” say the creators of the film “Chopin, Chopin!”, and their words are quoted by “Gazeta Wyborcza”.

“Chopin declared a musical war on the past – and won it. Without him, jazz and many other trends in music would not be what we know. In his short life, he was accompanied by three forces: love, music, illness, which fought for him until the end. And This is what the film will be about,” explains Michał Kwieciński.

Photos for the film “Chopin, Chopin!” are scheduled to start in September.