Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

She was opening for AC/DC when she was bitten by a bat. The Pretty Reckless singer was shocked

Taylor Monsen she's the team leader The Pretty Recklessalthough in the world of show business she is associated with her childhood role in the film “Grinch. There will be no Christmas”. The artist is currently focusing on her musical career. The group of which she is a member is currently supporting the legendary band on tour AC/DC. They recently performed in Seville, Spain, where a surprising event took place.

The Pretty Reckless was in the middle of their performance in Seville when an unusual event occurred. Taylor Momsen sang the song and fans started screaming loudly and pointing towards her. It turned out that they wanted to alert the singer, who did not notice that a bat had landed on her leg.

“You keep showing me something, but I don't know what you see… Oh fuck, there's a f***ing bat on my leg! Can someone help me?” – the terrified artist screamed.

The singer was saved by the staff, who immediately reacted by removing the animal from Taylor's leg. The artist didn't need much time to recover and recover. She turned the whole situation into a joke. The bat attacked her while she was performing a song with a telling title “Witches Burn” (“The Witches Are Burning”). The singer stated that this was proof that she “really is a witch.”

Shortly after the concert, a statement appeared on Taylor Momsen's social media in which the singer admitted that the animal had bitten her, which forced her to see a specialist. It turned out that she would have to take rabies injections for two weeks to avoid getting sick.

“He was sweet, but yes, he bit me, so I have rabies shots for the next two weeks. Thank you to all the hospital staff who dubbed me 'Batgirl' after seeing the concert footage. This moment will go down in history.” we read on Instagram of the singer of The Pretty Reckless.

Taylor Momsen entered the world of show business in the 1990s. That's when she decided to become an actress. She appeared in various films, but it was only her role as Cindy Lou Who in the Christmas hit “The Grinch. No Christmas” that brought her recognition. The actress took on more roles – she played, among others, in a popular series “Gossip Girl”but she finally decided to quit the acting industry.

Taylor Momsen did not want to completely disappear from the world of show business. She decided to develop her great passion and became a musician. She has been singing for over 15 years – in 2009 she founded the band The Pretty Reckless. The group's debut album – “Light Me Up” – was released in 2010, and now the band has released four albums. Recently, they were invited to support the legendary group AC/DC during their European tour. They perform successfully and win the hearts of fans all over the world.