Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Dawid Podsiadło responded to Maciej Maleńczuk's attack.

Maciej Maleńczuk is famous for his sharp language and controversial statements. He has often commented on his younger colleagues from the industry. He recently picked up on the topic Dawid Podsiadło and his ongoing stadium tour. He bluntly criticized the young singer's work and said that he did not deserve such large, sold-out concerts.

“I don't like the fact that Podsiadło is filling stadiums, in turn sanah can fill them. I don't like Podsiadło. I think it's mercantile to the core. As a young man, he could have at least tried something f**king more ambitious. Generally, he is a talented boy. Everything is correct there. But it's not worth filling stadiums,” said Maciej Maleńczuk.

Maciej Maleńczuk discussed the work of Dawid Podsiadło in the program Marcin Meller named “Mellina”. He was invited to a YouTube talk show on the occasion of the premiere of his new album. On April 26, 2024, Maleńczuk handed the puck into the hands of the fans “Spider”. It contains 17 songs of the group Homo Twistof which the artist was a member in the past.

Maciej Maleńczuk's words caused a storm on the Internet. Dawid's fans defended the artist and finally provoked the person concerned to speak out on the matter. Dawid Podsiadło commented on the critical comments of the former leader of the Homo Twist group during one of his concerts. He recently performed at the stadium Polsat Plus Arena in Gdańskwhere he joked to the audience, admitting his sympathy for Maleńczuk.

“I'm afraid that you will have the same opinion about me as Mr. Maciek Maleńczuk. I walk around the house exhausted, I'm crying. Mr. Maciek says that I don't deserve all this. Firstly: Of course, no one deserves it. Secondly “I'm still excited about it,” Podsiadło began nostalgically, admitting that he doesn't feel good enough to play in stadiums.

“I have always been a huge fan of creativity, I admired courage, and besides, I learn new words. I didn't know what mercantile meant. I read this word, but I always thought 'okay, it's a cool word, I won't check what it means, I'll probably use it' I won't use it in my life. But then it turned out that I am like that, according to some, I read and say 'extra',” the artist continued.

Dawid Podsiadło ended his monologue with warm words addressed to Maciej Maleńczuk. Despite his harsh words, the young singer put his pride in his pocket and decided not to continue the dispute.

“Of course, I send all the love I have for Mr. Maciek, it's great,” Podsiadło summed up.