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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“The colors of happiness”: Episodes 2970-2971. It turns out that she is seriously ill. Urgent help will be needed

Tolek will decide to convince Waleria to let him take her to the doctor.

– I don’t want to be forced to do anything. Leave me alone… – his ex-wife will tell him.

– This visit is unnecessary. I know it, it’s not the first time. I’m not crazy to go to a psychiatrist – she will add, and then suddenly burst into tears.

Basia will hug her and start convincing her that everyone only cares about her well-being.

“I’m afraid,” Waleria whispers.

– It’s okay, you’ll see that it’s not that scary – Grzelakowa reassured her.

Waleria will finally be convinced and will go with Koszyk to the clinic. The doctor will diagnose her “disease of the soul”.

– I was right. Depression. Moderate, fortunately – Tolek will inform Basia after returning to her house.

– On the way, we bought… – he hands Grzelak a bag of medicines.

– I hope they work – sighs Basia.

In the evening, when they are alone, Waleria will tell her friend that no medicine will help her ailment.

– You don’t know what it’s like to feel unnecessary to anyone. Like an unnecessary piece of furniture that should be thrown away. I may be there, I may not be there, no one will even notice – he will hide his face in his hands.

Basia will assure her that she is loved and needed.

– We help you. You just have to let us do it, he will say.

The next day, Waleria will refuse to take her medications because she will say that the ones she took before going to bed didn’t work. Basia will call Kaśka (Katarzyna Glinka) for help.

– The effect will be visible after a few weeks – Kasia will start, but Waleria will interrupt her.

– But I’ll be in Norway then – he gets angry.

Basia will look her straight in the eyes and after a moment of silence she will say that… it doesn’t matter.

– We won’t let you go until you heal, he will make it clear.

– I think it’ll be better if you go, when you’re back on your feet – Kaśka will add.

Waleria, faced with this approach, will capitulate and swallow the portion of medicines prepared by Basia.

– Happy? – he will ask and, without waiting for an answer, he will go upstairs to his room.

After returning to her home, Kasia will have a serious conversation with Ksawery (Bartosz Gruchot). The boy asks her what grandma is sick with.

– It’s like… sadness. It’s difficult to explain – he will hear.

– But can it be cured? – Ksawcio will be interested, and Kaśka will confirm with a nod of her head.

We reveal that Waleria will agree to postpone her return to Norway for some time.

Will she finally be able to regain the joy of life under Basia’s watchful eye and thanks to the support of Tolek and Kasia? Will he be able to cope with the insidious disease?

For the broadcast of the 2,970th episode “Colors of happiness” TVP2 invites you on Thursday, March 28 at 8:10 p.m. The 2971st episode of Dwójka is scheduled to be broadcast on Friday, March 29, also at 8:10 p.m.