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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Dead Detectives”: Will the new Netflix series be a hit? Premiere this spring

“Dead Detectives” is an adaptation of the comic book by Neil Gaiman. The title characters initially appeared in “Sandman”, and after some time they received their own series.

“Are you haunted by an intrusive spirit? Has a demon stolen your most precious memories? Call the Dead Detectives as soon as possible. In this new series from the Sandman universe, two teenagers find themselves in the land of death and will stop at nothing to be together – even if it means escaping from evil witches, and even Hell and Death itself. With the help of the clairvoyant Crystal, they work to solve the most mysterious supernatural riddles of the kingdom of the dead” – Netflix describes the plot of its new series.

The main roles will be played by: George Rexstrew, Jayden Revrie and Kassius Nelson.

Let us remind you that “Sandman”, in the universe in which the action of “Dead Detectives” will take place, has expanded Netflix’s offer in 2022. They are currently working on the second season.

“I don’t think you have to do any homework before the show, and I think it’s more fun that way,” Beth Schwartz explained when asked if you had to read the comics before watching her series. “I don’t know, everyone is different, but I think it’s more fun to do nothing before you see it. That way you’ll be surprised, and then you’ll go back and watch ‘Sandman’ and read the comics,” added the “Dead Detectives” showrunner.

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