Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Great September Showcase Festival & Conference for the third time! We know the first artists

“Crowds in front of the main stage on Piotrkowska Street. Clubs filled to capacity. In addition, numerous meetings with representatives of the music industry who came to Łódź from all over Poland. This is what Great September looked like last year, which ended with a successful concert and high attendance. Long remembered We will still have unique club concerts by, among others, Kaśka Sochacka, Alicja Majewska and Bitamina playing ‘Kawalerka’. Great performances by, among others, Kathia and Wiktor Waligóra, who are predicted to have a great career today. As well as inspiring meetings and conversations on important and current topics,” the organizers recall.

The guests of the conference included: Vito Bambino and Maciej Kawulski, director of the latest film parts of “Mr. Kleks’ Academy”. Thanking everyone for the time spent together at the festival, the originator and artistic director of the event – Artur Rojek – announced that in 2024 he will return with another strong portion of the most interesting Polish music, which will appear at the third edition of the Great September Showcase Festival & Conference. Already September 12-14 in Łódź.

Great September is a place for meetings and concerts of new and young Polish music, but also a festival where the biggest stars of the Polish stage celebrate beautiful anniversaries. The event combines the most interesting genres of the contemporary scene and the next generations of Poles. This year, the festival celebrates its 65th birthday and the 45th anniversary of its debut “Don’t Cry” will celebrate Stanisław Soyka. A wonderful singer and composer who has released over a dozen solo albums, several concert and Christmas albums, and recently participated in the concerts of the Męskie Granie orchestra, which in 2023 recalled his hit “Tolerancja (na nice Boga)”. At Great September in Łódź, Stanisław Soyka will perform with the company Grott Orchestra.

“Hey you”, “Stay”, “With ginger” – there is a good chance that he will perform these popular numbers live in Łódź Cortes. The owner of one of the most interesting voices in the country, his sparse lyrics and hypnotizing melodies penetrate deep under the skin. He entered the stage quietly, but quickly turned on all the lights, releasing a surprisingly powerful release in 2015 “Boomerang”.

The rap scene will be strongly represented again at Great September. He will play at the festival Otsochód, i.e. an artist who chooses his own path – as he raps in one of his songs. He records rap, with the OIO trio he throws “bags into the crowd, the crowd”, but he can go pop, he can go jazz, combining in his songs the traditions of the old school and the flair of the new school. We’ll see too Tonfa – Warsaw team, founded by Norman and Treadmill, already called in the media “one of the most important rap lineups of the new Polish underground”. Tonfa deserved this name with its debut album “Klątwa”, performances on albums by Włodi and producer 1988, as well as concerts. However, instead of trying to describe them, you simply have to experience them.

The performances of “Polish exports”, i.e. bands that the foreign press wrote about with delight, also promise to be extremely interesting. We invite you to group performances Oxford Drama (who has already announced his fourth album) and Coals (they are also working on a new album). After a long break, the band returns to the stage – also on Great September Wholesale. They gave us “Załoga G” “On disk C and D”, they refreshed Maanam’s “Lipstick on the glass” in their own style, and in September they will bring completely new songs to Łódź.

On September 12-14, at the Great September Showcase Festival & Conference, we will listen to a large dose of new music. The festival audience will be presented for the first time by bands that are just breaking through with their music, but already deserve the listeners’ attention. Among them: Yann, Cosmonauts, Olędzka, Seweryn, Magda Kluz, Bartek Zjawa, Safario, Dafeat, Naked, Mateusz Tomczak, Francio and Robcio, Przyborowski, Wilson Wilson, Szumal, Didi, Rays, Jacob LDDV, Vermona Kids, Ziggiel Lou, Crystal, Nat Cichocka and Shane. More names and announcements – soon! Artists and bands who want to play at Great September in Łódź can still send their demos and information about themselves.

Just like last year, concerts will be held in clubs and will be ticketed. Ticket holders will also be able to enter a special sector under the main stage of the festival, which will allow them to experience the concerts in a unique way. The mBank/Mastercard Main Stage will be located in the Schiller Arcade and, like last year, it will be ticket-free.

A pass for all days of the festival, including admission to the conference part and additional events, is now available for PLN 179. The price is valid until May 22 or while stocks last.