Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Jazz Around Festival 2024: we know the first artists! Who will play in Warsaw?

Jazz Around Festival is a musical event that brings together lovers of jazz-related sounds from all over Poland. Although the festival does not have a permanent place, there are already legends about the atmosphere there. Each edition of the Jazz Around Festival is a unique journey through the world of music, full of surprises, emotions and unforgettable concerts.

Feelings over creative perfectionism – this is the motto that fuels the restless creativity of the multi-instrumentalist and producer known as Alpha Mist. He started his career as a grime and hip-hop producer, but soon became interested in jazz, film music and world music. In recent years, the artist has established himself on the music market as one of the greatest talents of the new wave of jazz in London. His music is a fantastic mix of melancholic harmonies with notes of alternative hip-hop, soul and afrobeat.

Emily King is an American singer, songwriter and composer. The artist’s musical style includes elements of soul, R&B, pop and jazz, which gives her work a unique character. King is known for her deep and moving lyrics and melodic compositions that often touch on topics of love, relationships and life experiences. Albums such as “East Side Story” and “Scenery” received critical acclaim and attracted a wide fan base around the world.

The genius of the double bass. One of the most interesting and sought-after jazz musicians of the last decade. Avishai Cohen with the project Avishai Cohen Trio. Down Beat magazine called him “a visionary of the genre” and “one of the figures opening jazz to new areas.” Cohen also has a unique ability to combine sublime art with wide popularity. His music combines elements of jazz, ethnic music, fusion and klezmer.

A respected saxophonist and jazz composer Nubya Garcia She started her career as a member of Tomorrow’s Warriors. Her 2020 debut album SOURCE received critical acclaim and earned her multiple awards, including Jazz FM and Sky Arts Breakthrough Act of the Year Awards and a Mercury Prize nomination. Her music combines elements of jazz, afrobeat, reggae and electronica.

Giacomo Turra & The Funky Minutes is an Italian musician, guitarist and composer who demonstrates a versatile talent, freely drawing on various musical genres such as R&B, funk and jazz. Turra gained popularity by publishing his video performances on social media platforms, as well as releasing the album “The Groove Sessions”, which contains a compilation of covers recorded with famous musicians and vocalists. His music is characterized by an energetic guitar style and diverse musical influences.

The Jazz Around Festival will also feature an American singer, composer and music producer, privately the daughter of the famous jazz vocalist Bobby McFerrin – Madison McFerrin. The artist is known for her unique vocal style, which combines elements of soul, R&B, jazz and electronica. Her music often uses vocal loops and sound effects, which gives it a distinctive, modern sound. Madison gained recognition through a series of independent releases and live concerts. Her songs are full of emotions and deep expression, which attracts the attention of listeners around the world.

Youngr is the pseudonym of a music producer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist of English origin, also known as Dario Darnell. His music combines various genres, such as pop, electronica, and indie rock, creating energetic and infectious compositions. Youngr is known for his dynamic live performances, during which he uses sound loops and operates a variety of instruments to create a layered sound. His popularity grew thanks to viral covers of famous songs, played millions of times on streaming services, and original singles such as “Out of My System” and “Monsters”.

There will also be a special project in Warsaw Łona x Konieczny x Krupa – they created something very much in the style of the iconic Szczecin rapper, at the same time fresh and full of interesting sound solutions. Behind them are Konieczny and Krupa, members of Siema Ziemia, an electronically inspired acoustic quartet that draws energy from collective improvisation. Łona adds interesting observations and accurate textual points.

Poluzjants is a cult group, perversely called the most famous unknown Polish band, which inspired and raised entire generations of young artists. The original sound of Poluzjanti is the result of the outstanding musicians who make up the band, as well as characteristic compositions, mostly written by frontman Kuba Badach to lyrics by Janusz Onufrowicz. The musicians are currently working on their fourth album, fragments of which they will present during the Warsaw concert.

Their work is a mixture of analog sounds, dub, post-rock, improvisation and communicative and emotional melodies performed by a group of Tricity musicians. Nene Heroine After the very well-received debut album “Total Panorama” (Alpaka Records), presents a new program called “MOVA”. The band’s musicians do not like compromises, and they treat jazz only as a starting point for creating new structures. “MOVA” is an excuse to continue searching for your own style and to go a step further and combine the sound sphere with the visual aspect on stage.

The organizer of the event is the Poznań concert agency Good Taste Production. The event’s partner is the Ujazdowski Castle Center for Contemporary Art.