Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Conor McGregor earned a fortune for his debut in the film “Road House”.

March 21 to the streaming platform's catalog Amazon Prime Video hit “Road House“, a remake of “Bouncers” from 1989. In the new adaptation of the classic action film with Patrick Swayze played the main role Jake Gyllenhaal. The Hollywood actor portrayed a former UFC fighter who works as a security guard at a bar in Florida. His antagonist was played by, appearing on screen for the first time, Conor McGregor, a repeatedly blocked mixed martial arts fighter.

The production is currently receiving quite enthusiastic reviews. Critics agree that Doug Liman's film will not disappoint viewers who are looking for uncomplicated entertainment. “If you want to watch impressive fight scenes and have a good time in front of the screen, this film definitely delivers,” said The Guardian.

McGregor's portrayal was also positively received. According to industry experts, he is one of the athletes who can boast the most successful debuts in Hollywood.

It turns out that the ringmaster owes his success, in part, to… Meryl Streep. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, McGregor revealed that he was deeply hurt by the star's comment about his sport, which she made during the Golden Globe Awards in 2017.

“Hollywood is full of foreigners and outsiders. If we throw them out, we will have nothing to watch except football and mixed martial arts, which have nothing to do with art,” Streep said at the time.

The athlete revealed that this disparaging remark stuck in his mind and made him put maximum effort into preparing for his role in the film “Road House”.

“I was really taken aback at the time because fighting is, in my opinion, the most beautiful form of art. There is a lot of brutality in it, so to some extent I understand the reluctance of some people. For us, fighters, artistry is very important, so I felt offended by these words. I wanted to to represent my sport and art with dignity, I decided to give my all in this field,” said the star.

In one of his recent interviews, McGregor noted that working on the production was an enriching experience for him.

“I had a wonderful time on the set. My castmates helped me a lot and often advised me. Jake (Gyllenhaal – editor's note) taught me a lot about acting. He was so helpful and patient,” the athlete revealed.

He added that the men actually hit each other with their fists while filming the fight scenes. “These weren't fake fights. When I kicked him, he kicked me back. There were real punches. I threw him over the bar more than once, and he broke the door on my head 20 times,” McGregor revealed.

It turns out that Conor McGregor earned a fortune for his role in the movie “Road House”. In an interview with Good Morning Britain he revealed that his payout amount was over $5.5 million. This is the best result when it comes to debuts. McGregor thus broke the record pay for Dwayne Johnson for his debut appearance in the film “The Mummy Returns”.

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