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“Forbidden Fruit”: Episodes 439 – 441: Summary. What will happen next week?

In episode 438 of “Forbidden Fruit” Dogan breaks up with Hilal and decides to marry Ender, which is a huge surprise for everyone, especially Yildiz, who plans to disrupt the ceremony. How will their fate continue? The next episodes promise to be very exciting.

Yildiz, always full of ideas for manipulating her surroundings, decides to make life miserable for her neighbors. He organizes a loud party on the terrace, during which he and his family light up the barbecue, play music and celebrate in the best way, regardless of others. As part of a prank, Aysel puts on Ender's clothes that she left at home, which only fuels the atmosphere of chaos.

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Meanwhile, Hilal, desperate to get Dogan back, announces, that she is pregnant, presenting an ultrasound photo as evidence. Dogan, surprised and outraged, confronts Hilal. Ender, not believing Hilal's words, suggests that his husband go with her to the doctor and tells his brother to follow them. Soon the truth comes to light – Caner discovers that Hilal is not pregnant and takes a photo of her medical card to prove it.

Yildiz, dissatisfied with the current situation, decides to organize an engagement to upset Dogan. Dogan, irritated and surprised by the engagement, tells Handan to move out. Handan, feeling betrayed and rejected, calls her daughter, Kumru, expressing her outrage and despair. Kumru, worried about the situation, decides to talk to her father, but unfortunately she fails because is hit by a taxi.

Meanwhile, on the terrace of the Yildiz villa, guests gather for the engagement ceremony. Ender and Dogan, observing the event, are surprised to find this no Yildiz is engaged to Engin, but her sister.

After an accident, Kumru meets handsome doctor Salim and decides to get to know him better, pretending to be an ordinary girl. Her decision leads to a number of funny and unexpected situations.

Dr. Salim, concerned about Kumru's condition, offers her a ride home. When she refuses, he gives her cash to pay for a taxi because she didn't take her wallet or phone with her when she left home after an argument with her father.. He also leaves her his business card with his phone number, if she felt worse.

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Kumru, returning home, explains to her father that she was on a long walk, not to mention the accident and the visit to the hospital. Then, looking for information about Dr. Salim, she searches the Internet, which is interrupted by her brother Caner, asking about her absence yesterday. He informs his sister about his uncle and Zeynep's engagement, which surprises her greatly.

Hilal, trying to return to the company, asks Dogan for permission. However, for Dogan, their cooperation was irrevocably ended. Upset, Hilal leaves the office, vowing that she will not leave until she shows Dogan Ender's true face.

Next episodes series Forbidden fruit” will be broadcast on TVP2. Due to changes in the schedule related to the Easter holidays, viewers can expect some shifts in the broadcast. The series is usually broadcast from Monday to Friday at 17:15.

Viewers will be able to watch subsequent episodes of the Turkish production on TVP2 on the following dates:

  • episode 439 – Wednesday, April 3, 2024, time. 17:15,
  • episode 440 – Thursday April 4, 2024, time. 17:15,
  • episode 441 – Friday April 5, 2024, time. 17:15.

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