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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Colors of Happiness”: Aldona will be devastated! Will Boris support her?

Aldona will visit a gynecologist – and will be shocked when the tests show that she is going through menopause, so she has no greater chance of giving birth to another child. And after a few hours, full of fear, she confides in Regina…

“- All our plans have fallen apart! Boris wanted to have his own child. And although he won’t admit it, it’s a blow to him…

– Boris will accept his fate… I wouldn’t worry about him!

– And I will be there, because there are plenty of young, beautiful women around who can give him a child…”

Will Borys stay by Aldona’s side despite everything?

Subsequent episodes of “Colors of Happiness” can be watched from Monday to Friday at 8:10 p.m. on TVP2.