Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

The luxury home of the Queen legend is going under the hammer. The price is amazing

Recently, Mary Austin decided to sell the house after auctioning almost the entire contents of the estate, including all Mercury memorabilia, at Sotheby’s auction last September. Revenue from unique transactions amounted to as much as £40 million. The sale of Garden Lodge is due to Austin living at home alone after her children went to college.

“The auction was huge. I wasn’t sure how I would feel at that moment. But I realized it was time. It was really my house in name only. I worked on this house with him and for him, and it would always be his “It was his dream, his vision,” she said about the property in the Business Times.

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The sale of the famous estate is handled by the Knight Frank agency. She revealed to all interested parties what the house looked like inside.

The artist’s fans are not happy. This has been going on since the auction of Mercury memorabilia in September. Although in recent years an irritated Mary Austin has been removing cards and flowers left under the door by fans, she also installed removable plexiglass to protect the walls and doors from damage. Now confused fans are afraid that they will lose a place to commemorate the music legend.

“The sale of Garden Lodge is sad and painful news for me. Because there is no Freddie’s grave. Where should we go?” – fans write.