Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

A participant of “The Voice Kids” had a mishap in front of the cameras. Now he spoke up

A new edition started on Saturday, February 24 “The Voice Kids”. Trainers – Cleomaking her debut in this role Natasha Urbańska and a duet Thomson and Baron – they are looking for talents among young vocalists aged 8-14.

One of the participants we saw in the first episode of “The Voice Kids” was Miłosz Krysiak. “He is a cheerful sixth-grade student. He learns knowledge, poems and song lyrics very quickly – he has a great memory. He is brave, sensitive, emotional, honest and polite. He likes company, games and fun with his peers” – we can read about the 12-year-old on the website program.

He performed the song during the blind auditions Marek Grechuta “Will You Be My Mistress” (Look!), which, as he later said, wanted to win the hearts of trainers and other women in the studio. This intention was successful because they turned their seats around Natasha and Cleo.

Later, the young singer began to think about choosing a team. “Let’s think… which of the ladies is prettier,” he thought aloud. He was quickly interrupted by the Afro duo, telling him not to “go down that path.”

Internet users also noticed the statement. “This slyness was unnecessary and greatly spoiled his image.” “The question for the ladies is inappropriate… It’s good that Tomson and Baron interrupted his further statement,” they wrote. Others, however, defended him by saying that “he is still a child” and that “now he will know that such questions are not asked.”

Ultimately, Miłosz chose Natasza’s team, who said that in addition to vocals, they would also work on manners.

The hero of the whole mess himself commented on it on his Instagram. The 12-year-old apologized for what he said.

“Thank you all very much for your support. I know I behaved badly towards the jurors, but it was supposed to be an innocent joke, but it turned out bad. Don’t think that I’m like that. It was also a bit of stress and I didn’t know what was happening. around me. I hope you understand me and will continue to keep your fingers crossed for me,” we read.