Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Cillian Murphy: How did you find out you were nominated for an Oscar?

“Fortunately, I live in a time zone where I don’t have to get up at five in the morning (to watch the nomination announcement),” he said. Murphy in an interview with Variety. He revealed that he now has a few days off, which he spends at his parents’ house in Cork, Ireland.

Murphy added that he found out about the nomination while he was in the kitchen. He celebrated his success with his parents and wife with a piece of cake. “Mom made sponge cake, very tasty,” said the newly Oscar-nominated actor.

Later in the interview, Murphy could not indicate who from the film’s crew was the first to send him a congratulatory message.

“Everyone (did it). It came at one moment. We are a tight team. We are very close and it’s great to share this moment with friends,” the actor said.

He also added that he would take his wife and sons to the Oscars ceremony.

“Oppenheimer” received 13 Oscar nominations, the most of any film competing for a gold statuette this year. Murphy is the favorite in his category. The winners will be announced on the night of March 10-11, 2023.