Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Billie Eilish broke the Oscar record. No one in history has ever done this at a younger age

Comedy “Barbie”, which was the most popular cinema title of 2023, turned out to be one of the biggest losers of this year’s Oscars. Even though the film had eight nominations, it ended the evening with only one statuette.

It was awarded to the song “What Was I Made For?” (check!) Billie Eilish and Finneas O’Connell in the best song category. These were the second statuettes in their careers for the siblings. They received their premiere for “No Time To Die” from the James Bond film “No Time To Die” in 2022.

Eilish thus became the youngest person in history to win two Oscars. The singer-songwriter is only 22 years old.

When receiving the statuette on the night from Sunday to Monday, the music star thanked primarily the director of “Barbie”, Greta Gerwig. “I am grateful for this film, for this song,” she said.

Behind the Oscar scenes, the singer also answered a few questions from journalists, including Interia’s representative, Artur Zaborski.

You won your second Oscar at the age of just 22, which makes us all wonder what we do with our time. What would you tell young people who dream of a musical career?

Billie Eilish: – I would say: “Don’t do it for other people, don’t do it for the numbers and don’t do it for the fame. It’s not something worth trying for.” I want everyone to follow their passions. And feel proud of what they do. And thanks to this, they could feel like the best versions of themselves.

– I would also say: “You have time.” I remember being 12 years old and watching the musical “Matilda” on Broadway. Believe it or not, I cried like a baby because I thought I wouldn’t have a career because I didn’t play in “Matilda”, which was fantastic. That’s why today I would tell myself: “Give yourself some time and do what you love.” I know it’s easy to say because some of us don’t even know what we love to do. But it’s finally discovered. You will find it.

What is it about the song “What Was I Made For?” that captivated people all over the world?

– I think this song made a lot of people feel seen. I think it’s still something rare, especially for women. And thanks to this song, the whole world could feel seen, heard and understood.