Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Guitar World Record: Małgorzata Ostrowska and who else? They reveal their cards

“Meluzyna, or the story of underwater love” was established in 1985. He wrote the words Krzysztof Gradowskidirector of all film adaptations of the trilogy about the adventures of Mr. Kleks, and composed the music Andrzej Korzyńskian outstanding creator of soundtracks for popular Polish films. Małgorzata Ostrowska not only did she sing “Meluzyna”, but she also played the role of Queen Aba. The song, like the film, became an instant hit and remained so for decades. In 2012, the artist recorded a new version of the song and included it in her concert repertoire.

On May 1, “Meluzyna” will sound on the big stage to the accompaniment of thousands of guitar music fans, both older and younger. “‘Meluzyna’ performed by Małgorzata Ostrowska is our tribute to those who have been coming to Wrocław with their entire families for years. On May 1, we will share the vibration of ‘Uni-Vibe’, i.e. the unifying power of music that so beautifully unites generations every year at the Wrocław Market Square ” – says Leszek Cichońskioriginator of the World Guitar Record and conductor of the Largest Guitar Orchestra.

Małgorzata Ostrowska, the owner of one of the most recognizable female rock voices in the country, will celebrate 40 years of her creative work in Wrocław. The singer has received the Amber Nightingale statuette for her entire artistic activity, her own star on the Polish Song Stars Walk in Opole and the title of “Icon of the Opole Festival”.

Performer of countless hits, both from the period of cooperation with the Lombard band and solo: “Glass Weather”, “Adriatic Sea, Hot Ocean”, “Mister of America”, “I’m Enough”, “Dear TV Lady”, “Penguin Dance”. on glass”, “Pigeon fluff”, “River in me”, “Words”, “Szpilki”, “After the blue sky” and finally the legendary “Meluzyna”. Ostrowska’s stage charisma and her expressive personality guarantee the best concert experiences.

On May 1 in Wrocław, we will hear the artist at the Wrocław Market Square and in the evening during star concerts – Małgorzata Ostrowska will perform as part of the 3-Majówka festival, which has accompanied the breaking of the record for years.

One of the stars of the 22nd edition of the Guitar World Record will be Electric Light Orchestra by Phil Bates & Band, and its leader and guitarist will take part in an attempt to set a new record, which requires at least 7,968 guitars and other similar stringed instruments this year.

To play on May 1 at the Wrocław Market Square, all you need to do is have a guitar and know the five basic chords C/G/D/A/E needed to perform the song “Hey Joe” by Jimi Hendrix. All types of guitars count towards the record – acoustic, classical, electric and bass. Mandolins, banjos and ukuleles are also acceptable. You don’t have to be an adult. Guitarists who attempt to set a record will be entitled to discounted tickets to concerts as part of the 3-Majówka festival 2024.