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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“The colors of happiness”: Episodes 2973-2974. They won’t show up at their friend’s wedding. Something very bad will happen to one of them

In episode 2973, Damian, just before leaving the house for the Civil Registry Office, will discover that he has lost his ID card, but – fortunately – the document will be found at… Aro (Martin Bogdan).

– When I was coming back from work with him, the patrol routinely stopped us, he was driving – Wójcik recalls.

– He instinctively put the ID in his wallet – confirms Luiza (Julia Zielińska) after talking to the boy.

– He will take him to the office – he will add.

At the same moment, Niedzielska will call Beata. She won’t have good news.

– I don’t believe. Neither Gabrysia nor Dorota will be at the wedding. They were poisoned by something – Saganowska complained to her future husband.

– I wonder how many more disasters await us today – he sighs.

– Not even one. Statistically, all defeats have already been completed – jokes Luiza.

After reaching the Registry Office, the bride and groom and their guests will begin to look forward to Aro, who – for unknown reasons – will be late. Meanwhile, the clerk will ask Damian for an ID document.

– My ID is on its way – says Wójcik.

– Please give us a moment – Beata will ask.

– But only for a moment. If I don’t get the ID, I’ll have to cancel the ceremony, the clerk will warn them.

– I have! I have a proof! – Aro will shout, running into the wedding hall.

A few minutes later, Beata and Damian will be married, and the crowd of people present at the ceremony will line up to wish them happiness on their new path in life.

On the same day, Beata will confess to Bogusia (Halina Bednarz), who will be given a few days’ break from serving her prison sentence on the occasion of her son’s wedding, that she intends to move with Grześ (Noah Culbreth) to Damian’s apartment.

– And I will move to Beata’s apartment – Mirek (Oliwier Kozłowski) will inform grandma.

– I’m glad you’re all so happy – the senior smiled.

– I don’t know where there is a place for me in all this – tears suddenly welled up in her eyes.

– You’ll live with me. I will cook, clean and take care of you, declares Mirek.

“I owe you for this year of prison time,” he whispers.

Only the next day, when Beata shows up at work, will Gabrysia tell her the real reason for her absence from her wedding.

– It wasn’t poisoning… – she will start, and then tell her friend what happened to Kujawiak.

It turns out that Dorota, returning home after Beata’s hen party, fell asleep in the taxi, and when she woke up, she realized that a man was trying to undress her.

– She got away somehow. She probably kicked him, took advantage of the moment, fell out of the taxi and ran away – Gabi will say.

– She said she wasn’t going to the wedding, I went to her and I wouldn’t let her put me off. She didn’t want to ruin your wedding… – she will add.

Although Kujawiak will report the attack to the police, he will not be able to get over what happened for a long time.

Will the perpetrator of the attack on her be arrested? Will she hold a grudge against Beata and Gabrysia for leaving her alone in front of the club after the hen party and letting her go home? “under care” a strange man?

For the broadcast of the 2973rd episode “Colors of happiness” TVP2 invites you on Tuesday, April 2, at 8:10 p.m. The 2974th episode of Dwójka is scheduled to be broadcast on Wednesday, April 3, also at 8:10 p.m.