Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Beata Kozidrak and Andrzej Pietras went through hell. “Psychological Torture”

Although Beata Kozidrak and Andrzej Pietras they have not been married for almost eight years, they are still able to live in good professional and private relationships. They recently gave a joint interview Marcin Wojciechowski from Radio Zet and returned to the painful moments from years ago.

Group manager Bajm he confessed that during the divorce he faced unimaginable amounts of hate – some moments were really difficult. “I was going through mental torture when we broke up. What I read was completely untrue, often made up. And people believed it. It was a big harm,” he said.

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This was echoed by the band’s star, who admitted that not everyone has enough strength to withstand a wave of hateful words from people they don’t really know.

“Young people can’t stand it mentally and sometimes it threatens with really serious consequences when it comes to a young person. A person in general. We are not made of clay. We have hearts. We survive. Someone without a name can spit on you and destroy you. One will get up, the other won’t.” “- she said.

These events made Beata Kozidrak even more resistant to hate and what others write about her. “I have a lot of empathy, but I think I wouldn’t be able to cope otherwise if I gave up and was so soft. Because I love music, I want to create and perform, I can cope,” she said.