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Artur Żmijewski rarely talks about children, and now they are talking about him!

Artur Żmijewski He has existed in the minds of Poles for years as a very nice character, known from such TV series as “Na dobre i na evil” or “Ojciec Mateusz”. However, despite his considerable popularity, little is known about his private life. Now his sons have decided to reveal a bit about their relationship with their father.

The actor married his high school friend, Paulina Petrykat. They have been in a relationship for over 30 years and have three children: Karol, Wiktor and Ewa.

The three Żmijewski children were guests of the material presented in the “Dzień Dobry TVN” program, in which they shared their memories from their family home. This is a big event because their famous father does not share details of his private life. Karol and Wiktor talked a bit about life with their famous father.

“There were definitely funny situations when I heard voices coming from the bathroom. Dad was practicing his role in the mirror,” said Ewa Żmijewska.

“They always associated our dad with ‘Father Mateusz’. There are jokes about the priest,” recalled the actor’s son, Wiktor.

“And a bicycle,” Karol added after a while.

As the gentlemen said, they do not know another person as family-oriented as their father. Karol and Artur Żmijewski were united by their love of music, especially the band AC/DC. What do the children of a famous actor do?

Each of them followed an artistic path or a very similar path.

Ewa has her own band founded with her partner Shandy Casper. She studied vocals in the USA in Los Angeles. Karol creates music, specifically hip-hop. Wiktor Żmijewski deals with post-production and special effects – he often collaborates with his older sister. Where does Ewa’s passion for music come from? Apparently, my father often played songs he liked loudly.

“I heard jazz for the first time when my dad bought Norah Jones’s album and played it for the first time. I must admit that as a teenager, it was an inspiration for me to start writing music,” said Ewa Żmijewska.

Artur Żmijewski recently debuted in a completely new role – a film director. He worked on the production of “Sami Swoi. The Beginning”, and the actors who had the opportunity to work with the actor spoke very positively about working on the set.

“He leaves us freedom,” said Zbigniew Zamachowski, and Paulina Gałązka added:

“He understands how we think, what we want to play.”

Anna Dymna also added a few words:

“He gives nice comments, is gentle, doesn’t scream, doesn’t get hysterical.”

Movie “On our own. The beginning” debuted in cinemas on February 16 and is a prequel to the popular films about Pawlak and Kargul.