Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Devotion will strike for the third time (new album “Astral Catacombs”)

The new work of the quintet from Valencia, inspired by old-school death metal, will be decorated with a cover by a Spanish artist. Naroy Etxebarrii.

Third album Devotion will also be the group’s first longplay on which we will hear a new guitarist Sandra. The musician joined the band in 2023.

“Astral Catacombs” will be released on April 22 by the domestic label Memento Mori. The album will be available in a CD version.

You can listen to the premiere composition “To Dementia” by Devotion below:

1. “The Passing”
2. “Horror Beyond The Stars”
3. “Execration”
4. “In Ungraven Tombs”
5. “The Cosmic Pilgrims”
6. “The Wake”
7. “It’s Dementia”
8. “The Seething Universe”
9. “Astral Catacombs”
10. “The Evanescence”.