Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Hour Of Penance with the album “Devotion”. When is the premiere?

The ninth longplay of the Roman quartet was recorded in the Italian studios Bloom and Kick. Mixing and mastering took place in the Polish Hertz studio (including Vader, Decapitated, Behemoth).

“Almost five years have passed since the release of ‘Misotheism’ (previous album from 2019) and we are finally ready to present our new work. ‘Devotion’ is our anthem to the futility of war. The main theme of the album is the misguided devotion that we humans have , we show to our leaders who mercilessly send us to death under the guise of democracy, guided only by imperialist ambitions and greed. The nameless crowd on the cover worships the deformed statues of these false idols,” the Italians explain.

“Musically, the album is based on a characteristic, 20-year-old, dynamic style Hour Of Penance and enriches it with more catchiness and technical details, interwoven with epic landscapes,” added the musicians of Hour Of Penance.

The new album by Agonia Records from Piła will be released on April 5. The material will be available in a number of vinyl versions, on CD, on cassette and digitally.

You can listen to fragments of the album “Devotion” by Hour Of Penance below:

1. “Devotion For Tyranny”
2. “Parasitic Chain Of Command”
3. “Birthright Abolished”
4. “Retaliate”
5. “Breathe The Dust Of Their Dead”
6. “The Morality Of Warfare”
7. “Severance”
8. “The Ravenous Heralds”
9. “A Desert Called Peace”
10. “Spiralling Into Decline”.