Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

ARS LATRANS Orchestra presents the album “Noir”. “From the need of the heart”

“This year’s band consists of eight unique personalities, each with a unique character and a fascinating story, including two female vocalists and three vocalists,” we read in the album announcement.

The group consists of: Antoni Olech (Tony Yoru), Karolina Szałasny (Crazy), Konrad Nikiel (Koko die), Martyna Baranowska (naked band), Miłosz Shefner (Chefner), Radek Baranowski (Hearts), Piotr Wykur (Clock Machine), Marcin Włodarczyk (nude band).

“It aims to create a space for unique artists, where together they can not only create music, but also build lasting relationships. Meeting and exchanging energy are crucial, and the project begins with a trip to a creative camp, where musicians lock themselves in one house for several days to compose music together. It is difficult to say when this process ends, because the established relationships often turn into long-term cooperation in the future” – this is how the project is described.

The composition of ALO is variable, artists are selected for each edition of the festival who create conceptual compositions on a specific theme. This year’s main theme is “Noir”. “The latest album will take listeners on a bittersweet journey to the dark streets of the city, where the real world blurs with dreams, these stories are full of tension, uncertainty, loneliness and moral dilemmas,” describe the creators.

“Working on the album was a truly special time. When choosing the line-up, I was guided only by intuition, I am glad that it led to the creation of such a unique team. We all met together at a creative camp. It’s amazing what we managed to create together in just four days. I hope that this music will also resonate with our listeners. Most importantly, ARS LATRANS Orchestra is not only about composing music and releasing an album, it is a kind of mission aimed at creating an artistic network, supporting individual creativity and promoting artists. This is the main source of our motivation and I am proud to see how these collaborations are coming to life. I am talking not only about cooperation between music creators, but also about connecting them with photographers, video crews, directors and producers,” says Piotr Wytwarz, the founder of the project.

“At the beginning, this album was primarily a challenge for me. When you meet different artists, so different from each other, and together you have to create a work, and what’s more, inspired by a specific topic, there is uncertainty and curiosity – what will happen? But after “I knew from the first meeting that it would be a pleasure for me. Working with such talented, open and simply – very cool people – gave me satisfaction and joy, we made some great music and I’m very happy to be part of this project,” comments Martyna Baranowska.

The premiere of the ARS LATRANS Orchestra Noir concert is scheduled for April 27 at the Poczta Główna Club. Additionally, in addition to the basic lineup, you will be able to hear unique special guests on stage.