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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Veronika”: Alexandra Rapaport and Tobias Santelman in the new SkyShowtime series

The series will delight viewers with its suspenseful action. It is also a tribute to Nordic nature and everyday life in a small town where anything can happen.

Police officer Veronika Gren (Alexandra Rapaport), mother of two children, struggles with a complicated family life and a hidden addiction to drugs. When strange things start happening and a dead boy appears before her, Veronika thinks she has lost her mind. Eventually he begins to suspect that the boy is not an illusion. Soon, Veronika becomes involved in a murder investigation that goes deeper than anyone in the city realizes. Then she learns about the murder of two teenage girls… Veronika must find the connection between these cases to prevent the killer from attacking again. But will anyone believe her?

In the series “Veronika” some of the top names in the Scandinavian film world appear, including stars such as Alexandra Rapaport in the role of policewoman Veronika Gren i Tobias Santelman in the role of her husband Tomas. The remaining roles are: Arvin Kananian, Olle Sarri, Isac Calmroth, Per Graffman, Sarah Rhodin, Wilma Lidén and Eddie Eriksson Dominguez. Rapaport is also an executive producer of the series.

The creators and screenwriters of the eight-episode series are Katja Juras and Anna Ströman Lindblom (“Gåsmamman”), and the director is the renowned Jonas Alexander Arnby (“War of the Worlds”). Photos for the series Veronica filmed in Sweden in Dannemora, Gimo and Österbybruk.

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