Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Another edition of Kazimiernikejszyn in Kazimierz Dolny. We know the first details

Kazimiernikejszyn “is a unique music festival, which is a mixture of energetic concerts, the bright side of the force, contact with nature, original adventures, development workshops and a unique, stress-free atmosphere that lasts for a few weeks after the event,” we read in the announcement.

Its natural surroundings are the charming Kazimierz Dolny, one of the most picturesque places in Poland, an oasis for artists, a crossroads of nature, beautiful architecture and traditional hospitality.

“Above all, Kazimiernikejszyn is famous for its unique audience, ready to have fun and open to genuine kindness. The festival is as colorful and engaging as its audience!” – the organizers argue. The event gives you the opportunity to unplug and jump into the parallel reality of concerts, chilling on a semi-wild beach, adventures such as Samolosy, Czas na P, bicycle rally through the tunnel, Paprowędrówki, Przyklejando, Poduszkolot, Canyoning and many others. Kazimiernikejszyn also means beautiful views, sun and meetings with guests.

The announced artists so far include: Artur Rojek, Bass Astral, Baranovski, Bartek Królik, Bohemian Betyars, Gogol Bordello, Jazz Band Młynarski-Masecki, Kazimierska Orkiestra Dziadowska, Kuba Badach, Kwiat Jabłoni and Vito Bambino.

More announcements coming soon!