Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

A watch straight from space. It costs over 4 million and was made from an asteroid

If you are looking for an out-of-this-world gift idea, you should check out the new one from . The company responsible for luxury chronometers has just presented a product straight from space. This is “The Asteroid” watch, the name of which is most appropriate. We are talking about a product that was created using a real asteroid.

Meteorites are timeless and exciting, just like watches, says the manufacturer, who decided to pay tribute with his new product not only to the human ability to achieve extraordinary things, but also to the entire universe. The construction is truly amazing. The photo shows the entire structure of the watch, which consists of a space stone. used for its production comes from Argentina. Actually, from space, although it was in this country that he fell to Earth.

I guess no one expected that such an extravagant product would be affordable. – and maybe even cosmically? In any case, its price is one million Swiss francs, which translates into almost PLN 4.5 million. It can be said that for a space watch you could buy yourself a good life on Earth.

Interestingly, the watch even includes a nod to fans of… pop culture. The watch glows in the dark, and the hieroglyphs engraved on the white gold bezel are an intentional reference to the film. As the creators emphasize, at one point the space killer used his watch to initiate the self-destruction process. “The Asteroid” does not have such a function, but the reference to the cult sci-fi image is absolutely appropriate. The entire aesthetics of the watch brings to mind the limitless space of space, which is difficult to comprehend, and it makes a great impression.

In their opinion, this is a huge waste of unique material that fell to Earth from space. In their opinion, the asteroid should not be used for such commercial purposes. In contrast, there were opinions about the simple need for luxury.

While the price makes the watch unattainable for most of us, the idea of ​​having an asteroid on our hands sounds exciting. The owner of “The Asteroid” can finally say that he has space on his wrist – and a real one that has spent countless years in a vacuum, perhaps orbiting among other planets.