Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Stuntman”: The funniest movie this spring? The perfect combination of comedy and action

The main character of the film is the title stuntman who, like everyone else in this profession, sometimes gets blown up, shot, thrown out of a window or thrown from a height. And all this for our entertainment.

The series on which the script was based “Stuntman”, aired on ABC from 1981-86. It starred Lee Majors and Heather Thomas. The former will also appear in the film.

“I'm a former stuntman, so this movie is very close to me,” he said David Leitch. The director of such films as “Bullet Train” and “Atomic Blonde” admitted that it was a real pleasure for him to make a film that shows the life of professionals involved in stunt work. He emphasized that they risk their lives, but the average viewer has no idea about their role and how important they are to film productions.

Ryan Gosling plays the role of Colt Seavers in the film, a seasoned stuntman who, after leaving the industry, wanted to focus on his physical and mental health. However, a series of events forces him to return to work when the star of a high-budget film directed by his ex-girlfriend, Jody Moreno, disappears (Emily Blunt).

While the film's ruthless producer (Hannah Waddingham) tries to keep star Tom Ryder's (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) disappearance a secret from the studio and the media, Colt tries (with limited success) to get Jody back. The stuntman will be drawn into a conspiracy that will turn out to be more dangerous than any stunt.

The film, written by Drew Pearce, also stars Winston Duke and Stephanie Hsu.

“Stuntman” is produced by Kelly McCormick and David Leitch for their 87North company and by Ryan Gosling and Guymon Casady for Entertainment 360. The film is executive produced by Drew Pearce, Entertainment 360's Geoff Shaevit and original TV series creator Glen A. .Larson.