Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

After the success of “X Factor”, he was predicted to become famous. Sad what happened to him

Steve Brookstein In 2004, he appeared in the first season of “X Factor” in Great Britain. However, the singer did not convince the jurors during the first casting Simon Cowell he offered him a chance to try his hand at it the next day.

This time the participant convinced all the jurors, too Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh. He joined the team in the program Simon Cowell, which ultimately led to success thanks to viewers’ votes. The juror called the singer “the new Robbie Williams.”

After winning the show, Brookstein signed a contract with Sony for one million pounds. The first single released by the artist was a cover of the hit Phil Collins – “Against All Odds”, which reached number two on the charts in January 2005.

The singer’s debut album – “Heart And Soul” – was released in May 2005 and sold over 100,000 copies in Great Britain. copies.

However, the musician’s second album from 2006 – “40,000 Things” – sold less than 4,000 copies. copies. The title of the singer’s third album “Forgotten Man” perfectly reflected how the audience treated Brookstein, i.e. they completely forgot about him.

When in 2009 a campaign was launched on social media to prevent the Christmas hit from being the single of the winner of “The X Factor” and “Killing In The Name” Rage Against The Machine”Brookstein used the moment to hit out at Cowell.

The singer recorded a long video about the talent scout, accusing him of “ruining Christmas” and that Cowell was behind ruining his career because he opposed the talent scout.

Brookstein also claimed that “The X Factor” was rigged, which resulted in his triumph being removed from the show’s official website. The singer and celebrity then regularly criticized the judges and some of the contestants, including the member One Direction, Louis Tomlinson. In 2014, Brookstein published the book “Getting Over The X”, in which he described how the media and music industry turned their backs on him.

In recent years, Brookstein has moved to his native Scotland, where he tries to play in smaller venues. However, this does not always work out.

In February, the media in Great Britain published information about the failure of the winner of “The X Factor”. The singer had to cancel the concert due to poor attendance. In a place that can accommodate 300 people, he sold only 27 tickets. The concert was ultimately canceled.

The singer’s agent and he himself claimed that he canceled the performance due to poor health. “Steve has lost his voice. We hope he will recover soon.” The person concerned himself allegedly informed on social media that he was in the worst shape of his life, was seriously overweight and had to go on a diet.

However, the Daily Mail claims that the concert was canceled for logistical reasons and his health had nothing to do with it. This was confirmed by the concert organizer, who canceled the event 10 days before it was supposed to take place.