Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

After scandalous statements, they kicked the singer out of the band. Now Łąki Łan has announced their return

Recall that the team Meadows Łan in 2022 he broke up with their singer A messThat is Włodek Dembowski, after he started repeating pro-Russian and anti-Ukrainian propaganda on his social media.

When the band’s musicians found out what content he was publishing on Facebook Paprodziadthey decided to radically distance themselves from him.

The team’s response came shortly thereafter. On the profile Piotr Antoni Koźbielski A statement was published stating that the band is distancing itself from Paprodziad. “In the face of the tragedy that is happening in Ukraine and what my former vocalist, Włodek Dembowski aka Paprodziad, writes on social media, I completely distance myself from him and never want to be associated with him again,” we read in the statement. “He brings shame to the Łąki Łan band and the whole of Poland,” the drummer further wrote.

Another comment can be read on the band’s official website. “We feel obliged to inform you that we do not identify with the views expressed by Włodek ‘Paprodziad’ Dembowski regarding, among others, the pandemic and the war in Ukraine,” they wrote. They also assured fans that they would not suspend their activities due to the change in the group’s lineup.

Paprodziad decided to respond to the band’s statement. “What does monoculturalism in agriculture lead to? What will monoculturalism in thinking lead to? I do not support the Polish-Polish fratricidal war or any other war! Long live love, gratitude, freedom, truth and biodiversity! Long live the world!” – we read.

Two days later, he published a farewell address to the group. “Here, each of us contributed everything we had. With an open heart and readiness to trust. It didn’t work out? Not true. It turned out as much as it could have. It turned out as much as it could have. And there was great beauty in it. I accept the whole relationship – with its beginning and end. I accept my past so that I can move on to the new. Every breakup contains the pain of transition, but underneath the pain, there is a chance,” he wrote (original spelling). “I wholeheartedly wish the team continued success. WAN will always burn in my heart. I remain open to dancing together!” – added.

After the scandal surrounding the singer, but also due to the involvement of individual musicians in other projects (Bartek Królik released another album and worked on Męskie Granie), the group announced in March 2023 that it was resuming its activities.

“Dear people, it’s time to announce the good news – we are back! We haven’t been with you for a while, but what was and isn’t is not written down in the register. We have new songs for you, with a new member and we will show it all soon, because December 36, 1876 in Ohajo. Bajo. *We will greet you live very soon. Stay tuned, stay with us! – we read.

Łąki Łan is one of the most famous funk bands in Poland. The band debuted in 2005 with an album “Łąki Łan”. The group could be seen on, among others, festival Era New Horizons, Open’er, Off Festival and Coke Live Music Festival. The achievements of the funky and crazy band close the album “Reception” from 2019.