Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Adam Bobik: Not only the new “Sami swoi”. My hero is dripping with masculinity and is very self-confident

“Alpha male”, “How I Became a Gangster. A True Story” Whether “Tonia” these are just some of the film productions in which we could see Adam Bobik. He also has roles in series, including: “Officer Alex”, “Hercules”, “A minute of silence” Whether “For good and for bad”.

Currently, we can watch him, among others, in Jan Macierewicz’s series “Camera Café. New brewing”and also in Artur Żmijewski’s film “On our own. The beginning”where he played the role of Kazimierz Pawlak.

On the big screen we can watch you in the role of Kazimierz Pawlak in the prequel “Samych’s own”. Although some time has passed since the shooting, tell us how you remember working in this film from the perspective of these few months?

Adam Bobik: – It wasn’t easy work, but a fantastic adventure for me. I’ve never played such a big role before. It was really hard at times, but looking back, I had fun. The role of Pawlak required a lot of physical effort and mental commitment from me.

What did this plan teach you?

– I learned some interesting things. One of them was plowing the field. It was my first time doing it, as was the horse Pharaoh who played with me. It was their joint debut.

Artur Żmijewski, who knows perfectly well what acting is, is responsible for directing the film “Sami swoi. Popocztek”.

– It was a big help for us, the actors. Artur knew what we had to face, was patient and gave clear messages. There were times when I was frustrated and he was supportive and calmed me down.

We can now also watch you in the series “Camera Café. New brewing”, the action of which takes place in a corporation. Can you imagine a job where you had to spend eight hours at a desk?

– I don’t have to imagine it, because I used to work like that. It was not a typical corporation. I worked in telemarketing. I spent eight hours at my desk and had a five-minute break for every hour. I really take my hat off to people who have been working in this type of company for years. Although it is not physically difficult work, it is mentally taxing.

“Camera Café. New brewing” is a new version of the cult series “Camera Café”, which Poles loved almost twenty years ago. Have you watched this production?

– When the series was broadcast on TVN, I was probably 15 years old. I admit that I remember it very well, but I don’t think I watched it very often. It was a huge hit across the country, and I watched the office world with great admiration. I found it funny and a little weird. This is an example of how perverse life is. Today I am part of this world.

Who is your hero Roman?

– He’s a great man. I have nothing to accuse him of. He oozes masculinity and is very self-confident. He is the alpha and omega (laughter – editor’s note). I think many people would like to have a friend like Roman. My hero’s co-worker, Jacek, has the extraordinary privilege of having Roman give him his friendship. Jacek is less masculine, intelligent and much more boring. It is Roman who completes it (laughter – editor’s note). They make a nice duo, even though we see them within the four walls of a corporation.

How do you feel about comedic roles?

– I actually didn’t realize before that I could test myself in them. I feel quite good. The basic condition for me is that the role must be well written. Then I can combine work with good fun.

There’s been a lot going on in your professional life lately. What can I wish you?

– Nothing. The fact that I can work on a film set means a lot. I am fulfilling my childhood dreams. It doesn’t matter to me whether I play an episode or a leading character. I do what I love. This is a great gift from God.

Aleksandra Wojtanek/AKPA