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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Colors of Happiness”: Episodes 2969-2970. He’ll finally do it. Will he hear the long-awaited “yes”?

In episode 2,969, Guliana will confess to her son that she likes Blondyna very much.

– He has a Sicilian soul – he will smile.

– That’s why you need to get down to specifics – she will add and give Vincenzo an engagement ring that once belonged to her mother.

A few hours later, Vincenzo will realize that he has lost the box with the ring, and when Guliana finds out about it, she will panic.

– There will be no wedding – he says, not without regret.

Vincenzo will tell Ania that his mother accidentally left a very valuable family jewel in “Feel Good” and she is devastated because it had sentimental value to her. He will ask his beloved to help him look for his grandmother’s antique ring. Together they will search through the entire “Feel Good” and… nothing.

– Maybe someone found it and took it – Blondyna suggests.

– We will print out the loss notice, maybe someone will read it and return it. Come on, let’s prepare an announcement, he orders.

Ania will suddenly realize that the ring she has been looking for half the night was most likely intended for her.

– Did you want to propose to me? – Vincenzo will ask, and he will look her straight in the eyes and whisper that yes, he was going to ask her to marry him.

– Would you like to… – he will start, but the Blonde will cut him off mid-word.

– Let’s find him first, and then I’ll think about it – he sighs.

Vincenzo will tell Ania the story of the lost ring that has been – or rather was – in his family for generations.

– My father proposed to my mother with this ring, and before that her father proposed to my grandmother, and my grandmother’s father proposed to my great-grandmother, and so on – he will say.

– We have to find him, because there will be a family tragedy – he will make it clear.

Meanwhile, Jaworski (Jacek Kałucki), returning home with shopping, notices an advertisement hanging on a pole with a photo of an old ring and information that it is missing. He will remember that in the morning he saw an identical trinket on his wife’s finger. It turns out that Krystyna (Hanna Bieluszko) found the ring in “Feel Good” and decided that she could keep it because “found, not stolen”.

Krzysztof will immediately run to Vincenzo’s restaurant.

– I’ve got good news. The loss has been found – he will tell the Sicilian, reach into his pocket, take out the jewel he previously took from his wife and put it on the table.

– He was lying in the grass. I wanted to take it to the police, but I saw your ad – I’ll lie.

Vincenzo will throw himself at Jaworski’s neck.

– You have free lunches here all week long. What am I saying, a week, a whole month – he shouts.

In the evening, Vincenzo will tell Ania that only thanks to her – because it was she who came up with the idea to write the ad – he regained the family jewel.

– And do you know where his place is? Here – he will put the ring on his beloved’s finger, not knowing that Guliana is watching them from behind the partition placed in the middle of the room.

– Will you be my wife? – he will whisper.

The blonde will first look at the ring, then look into Vincenzo’s eyes.

– Yes Yes! Si – he will say.

TVP2 invites you to the broadcast of the 2,969th episode of “Colors of Happiness” on Tuesday, March 26, at 8:10 p.m. The broadcast of the 2,970th episode of Dwójka is scheduled for Wednesday, March 27, also at 8:10 p.m.