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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Clan”: Episode 4289. Will Czesia accept the unexpected inheritance?

– How was it at the notary? – Cebula will ask Czesia after her return from Kolno.

– Well… I got an inheritance – he will hear in response.

– This was to be expected – Brajan will say, but Czesia will not show euphoria.

– What exactly is it? A set of cutlery? An antique hoe? – Onion will ask.

– House with garden.

– I’m listening?

– House. With a garden – Kot-Kurzawska will repeat.

– So normal? A house standing on the ground and…

– And the garden around this house. And the parents got several hectares of land – explains Czesia.

Onion will not understand that the recipient is not happy about the inheritance, especially since the house turns out to be debt-free. In addition, he will find that he is wondering whether… to accept it at all!

– There’s nothing to think about here. If they give, you have to take! – Brajan will advise.

– I never wanted anything from this man – sighs Czesia, and then takes out a will from her purse.

“To Mrs. Czesława Kot, I am bequeathing my house and garden as compensation for the harm I have suffered. Marian Poręba” – Onion will read it aloud.

– What harm? – Brajan gets angry.

– It is not important anymore. So many years have passed…

– If it doesn’t matter, tell me.

– I haven’t told anyone about it.

– You can tell me.

– I told you that my parents sent me and my sister to spend holidays with him. So that we can earn money there. (…) Brajan… every time… he never gave up on me… every time I was there, he…

The 4289th episode of the Lubicz family saga will be broadcast on Wednesday, February 28 at 17.55 on TVP1.