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“Tiger King” is a documentary that caused a huge stir on the Internet some time ago. Everyone from ordinary viewers to celebrities talked about it. Thanks to the publicity of this story, one of the investigations related to the case was reopened. Full of eccentric characters and unexpected plot twists, the series offers over five hours of controversial entertainment.

At the center of the story is the titular Tiger King – Joe Exotic. Country musician, candidate for governor of Oklahoma, owner of a zoo with wild cats. A man accused and convicted of ordering the murder of animal rights activist Carol Baskin.

The activist's story was the one that particularly warmed the production's viewers. According to some theories, Carol Baskin is behind the disappearance of her husband, whom she was supposed to feed to the tigers. The investigation into this particular case has been resumed. The issue of whether Joe Exotic was serving his sentence was also raised, and there were people who argued that he should be released. What is the truth and who is the victim here? You have to see this for yourself.

The documentary tells the unique story of an investigation that began with one brutal recording and developed thanks to a Facebook group of people who could not give up easily when they saw innocent animals suffering. As it later turned out, their ferocity led to the discovery of one of the most ruthless murderers of recent years.

How did you manage to catch the elusive criminal and what tricks did Internet users have to use to first track him down and then get the police to act? Why were the services initially not interested in the case? What finally prompted them to intervene?

“The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes” is part of a series of miniseries that focus on the most famous criminals in recent history. The “Conversations with a Killer” series has already introduced Ted Bundy and Wayne Gacy, and this documentary presents interviews with serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, talking about his gruesome crimes.

Dahmer became very popular after the premiere of the series “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story”, which also caused quite a stir. The fictionalized story received wide coverage on the Internet, family members of Dahmer's victims criticized the creators for preying on their tragedy and recalling traumatic memories from years ago. Some critics also accused Ryan Murphy (showrunner) of fetishizing the character of the “Milwaukee Cannibal” and cynically using the stories of his victims.

A surprising and shocking documentary that makes it hard to believe that this story is true. “Our Father” is the story of a woman who, thanks to a DNA test, found out that she had numerous siblings. How numerous? During the filming of the documentary, we managed to reach 94 people. How did this happen? This is the most terrifying part of this documentary.

As it turned out, the man behind it all was an infertility doctor. But how did this happen and what were his motives? You can find out by watching this incredible story collected in this documentary.

Elisa Lam was reported missing on February 8, and her body was found only 11 days later. What happened to the once very elegant hotel? “At the Scene of the Crime: The Disappearance at the Cecil Hotel” is an analysis of the events preceding the disappearance of a student from Canada. As it turns out, not only her case is intriguing, because the hotel itself has a rich history, full of unsolved secrets. Does Elisa Lam's story have anything in common with cases from years ago? Is there any logical explanation?