Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

A touching story from a “Dune” fan! The director fulfilled the sick man’s wish

Film director “Dune: Part Two”, Denis Villeneuve, decided to let a dying fan watch the production 1.5 months before the official premiere. A man staying in a palliative care unit in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, Quebec, informed representatives of the Canadian charity L’Avant that seeing “Dune: Part Two” is his biggest dream, and then something extraordinary will happen.

As reported, Villeneuve was said to be absolutely moved by the story of the dying fan and immediately offered to invite him to the world premiere of the production in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, the condition of the sick man was so bad that there was no way to travel, let alone postpone it.

The director of “Dune: Part Two” didn’t want to give up. He sent his assistant to Quebec with the director’s laptop – this was the only chance for the sick fan to see the film. It was literally the last moment for such an event, because during the hospital session his condition deteriorated so much that the man lost consciousness and passed away a few hours later.

Josée Gagnon, the head of the foundation caring for the sick fan, could tell about this story only now, after the world premiere of the film. In a long entry, he explains that what mattered to the sick fan was not whether he saw the ending of the story, but the fact of Villeneuve’s gesture. Moreover, the director of Dune allegedly told the head of L’Avant:

“It is for him, for a man who said before his death that he wanted to watch a film, that I am making them at all.”

The sequel to “Dune” cannot complain about earnings! During the first weekend of the production’s screening, “Dune” had already managed to completely break even. Today, her global account has over $200 million. Will the good streak continue in the coming weeks? This seems to be the case, as the film is receiving great reviews not only from viewers, but also from critics.