Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

How will people remember Deep Purple? “It’s beyond the time frame.”

Ian Paice is a member Deep Purple with the longest experience – he has been playing in the band continuously since 1968, i.e. for over 55 years. During an interview for “Showsh”, the 75-year-old drummer admitted that it is somewhat difficult for him to imagine how their legacy will be perceived in the next 50 years. However, they believe that it is so timeless that subsequent generations will admire their music in the same way as the generation of current fans.

He also compared Deep Purple’s discography to Prince, which – in his opinion – is very unequal. “It’s hard. I just hope people look back at the better things we’ve done. Because not everything you do throughout your career is as good as you want it to be. I mean, I look back at such an amazing an artist like Prince. He made great records, then mediocre records. And then he made a great record again. It’s almost as if when he ran out of money, he made a great record,” the artist recalled.

“I hope that in 50 years people will find the things we did that they can connect with, even if it’s created by a generation that’s long gone,” the drummer adds.

Why should listeners 50 years from now find a part of themselves in songs recorded a century ago? It’s about the personal factor that accompanies each of the group’s songs. “I think some of the great records that came out during that period have that human connection,” Paice added. “And I think it’s beyond the time frame. I hope it’s still possible for our music in the future,” he said.