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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

A controversial journalist and a Polish director will create a series about pathoinfluencers

Maja Staśko is a controversial journalist who speaks on various topics, is the author of several books, and her posts on Twitter often cause storms. Maria Sadowska is a Polish director and actress. The women decided to join forces in a new project.

The idea to create such a production came from Maria Sadowska and during the first conversations, the women came to the conclusion that the topic of violence on the Internet is little known, and especially parents may not be aware of all the threats.

The truth about this situation was shown by the Pandora Gate case, publicized by, among others, famous YouTubers such as Sylwester Wardęga and Konopskyy.

It turned out that this was an ignored problem for years that requires decisive intervention and, above all, attention. How did Maja Staśko describe the upcoming production?

“This will be a story about a world in which perpetrators of violence become celebrities with access to children,” said Staśko.

Maria Sadowska revealed that filming is to start next year. The production is intended to tell the stories of several characters, and their experiences will be combined in the finale, during freakfights.

The series has not yet secured financing and talks are underway with potential producers.