Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Next Fest with a new announcement. Who will play in Poznań?

On April 18-20, spring will reign in the hearts and streets of Poznań, where the second edition of NEXT FEST Music Showcase & Conference will take place!

The line-up announced so far looks impressive – Vito Bambino, Kacperczyk, Kasia Lins, Karaś/Rogucki, Lordofon and Sara James, as well as a multitude of debutants.

We have just met more artists who will appear at the Poznań event.


It is neither a coincidence nor an exaggeration that she is the co-author of the return of r’n’b to Polish salons. After a well-received debut, and then the hit, excellent “iDeal” and collaborations with Taco Hemingway and Błażej Król, Rosalie. showed incredible maturity and sensitivity on the album “Motherlode”. Watching her evolution is fascinating in itself.

Ania Rusowicz

It is amazing how, reaching for the best of the past, Ania Rusowicz gave us something that creates today. The Polish audience and the industry fell in love with her unique style inspired by the 1960s and 1970s, awarding her with as many as four Fryderyk awards. The singer and composer’s latest album is scheduled for release this spring.


For years, it has been undoubtedly one of the most interesting projects on the Polish alternative scene. Coals built their phenomenon on a non-obvious sound, which was appreciated both in Poland and abroad. Skillfully maneuvering between genres and not limiting themselves in sound and form, Kacha and Lucassi have created a unique style that cannot be pigeonholed or underestimated.

Strange Spring

Dziwna Wiosna is definitely a breath of freshness in music, a hurricane of non-obviousness on stage, which is confirmed by the reputation of one of the best contemporary live bands in Poland. The Warsaw trio proves that the sound on the border between rock’n’roll and grunge is an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Bango Balenci

He is 18 years old, and his broad musical horizons put much older players on the rap scene to shame. He comes from Poznań, has African roots, and his sound mixes trap, drill, jersey, amapiano, afro beats and r’n’b. Despite his young age, Bango Balenci has already collaborated with Alberto and Josef Bratan and participated in the 2115 RISK TAKERS campaign.

Mole Berry

Since her debut, Jagoda Kret has delighted listeners and critics with her extraordinary charisma and captivating sound, proving that guitar music can still provide new idols. The new album is coming, and Jagoda Kret is just getting started!

Who is

The sum of the experiences of all people involved in the KiM project must have resulted in an extremely refined and original sound. Lyrically mature, sonically rich and devoid of shortcuts, pop is a rarity today.


They appeared on the scene unexpectedly and took the club members by storm with their uncompromising approach to tech house music. As KOREA, Boarding Pass and Theo Kojak put aside seriousness and focus on authenticity, thanks to which their sets are full of spontaneity and spontaneous energy.


Happy melodies, sad screams and fast riffs, all beautiful, all talented – this is how the musicians of the SIDING band, which includes members of such projects as Revive, Apatia, Róża Luksemburg and Late Nights, describe themselves. A nostalgic-hardcore-punk mix for sensitive people – the Poznań band warms the heart, just like the atmosphere near the stage.


Aleksandra Borak-Pietrzak, present on the stage for over a dozen years, is the leader of the band Nastroje, lyricist and composer. In the solo version of her work, as Olka, she skillfully weaves ambitious songwriting into alternative, acoustic pop, which talks about universal situations in a non-obvious way.

We remind you – NEXT FEST Music Showcase & Conference will take place on April 18-20, 2024 in Poznań. Festival passes and tickets entitling to concerts at Plac Wolności are now available for sale.