Top 5 Facts About Marcus Glenn Richardson, Abby Phillip Husband

Abigali Daniella Philip is a sensational American journalist, she currently works as a political correspondent and weekend anchor for CNN.

Abigali started her career in journalism as a white House reporter and blogger for Politico, where she covered campaign finance and lobbying issues.

Phillip joined CNN in 2017 as a White House correspondent. She worked at The Washington Post before joining CNN, where she covered domestic an international news including the tragic Charleston, S.C. and San Bernardino massacres.

She was also a digital correspondent for ABC News in New York City, where she served as an ABC News Fellow. Abigali is an extremely talented journalist, she completed her graduation from Harvard.

About Abigali’s Married Life!!

For the first time, Abigali Philip and Marcus Glenn met in 2011 in Washington at a party, given by mutual friends.

The Anderson House, a historic residence and museum in Washington, hosted Abigail Daniella Philip and Marcus Glenn Richardson’s wedding on May 26.

The ceremony was conducted by Gene Corbin, a Baptist Preacher and assistant dean of Harvard’s college for Public Service.

In 2021, the couple revealed that they are expecting their first child. Phillip announced the news on Instagram on Monday, sharing a snapshot of herself on the cover of The Cut magazine.

On August 16, the couple had their first child, Naomi Angelina.

Who is Marcus Glenn Richardson??

Mr. Richardson, 35, is a management consultant at nVisium, a web and mobile app security firm based in Herndon, Virginia. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Florida State University.

Marcus Richardson began his career at Harvard University as a Desktop Analyst, a position he held for two years, from November 2019 to July 2021.

His father served in the Air Force as a colonel and was the head of supplies for the Third Air Forces in Europe at Ramstein Air Base in Germany when he retired. He also fought in the Gulf War as a squadron leader from 1990 to 1991.

Top 5 Facts About Marcus Glenn Richardson!!

1.Upbringing of Marcus

As many posts uploaded on Instagram by Marcus his family resided in Netherlands since he was child. As a son he is very close to his father and he also adores and as well as respect him.

Richardson wrote some beautiful lines for his father in June 2020, thanking him for all of the life lessons. He captioned “Growing up, I want to be as strong, tall, humorous, brilliant, determined, and cool like my father,” he wrote. Or, at the very least, play ball like my father. I’ve thought about all my father has taught me throughout the years, but especially in the last several weeks. As a man, but also as a Black man in this nation. I’ll be eternally thankful to my father for his knowledge and love in guiding and preparing me for what I would eventually face. Dad, I adore you. “Have a wonderful Father’s Day.”

This gratitude of his, depicts his great and down to earth personality, he also posted a beautiful message for her mother on her birthday.

2. Educational background of Marcus

Richardson completed his bachelor’s degree in 2009, from Florida State University in 
international affairs.
Richardson’s first job led him to Washington, D.C., where he worked as a desktop analyst at Howard University.
Richardson was also a  management consultant for the cybersecurity firm nVisium at the time of his wedding.
According to his LinkedIn page, his employment at nVisium ended in September 2019. However, a November 2020 New York Times piece about his wife still referred to him as a “cybersecurity expert.”

3. Early life and siblings

Marcus belongs from an African-American ethnicity and has American nationality. He was born on March 9, 1983, as the sole child of Russell G. Richardson, a retired US Navy colonel, and Toussaint Richardson. Because of his father’s job, Marcus spent the most of his youth traveling across the world. He resided in a number of countries, including the Netherlands, Germany, and Japan.

Moreover, after attaining puberty, Marcus returned to the United States and embarked on an upward journey in his professional life.

He has two sisters, one elder and one younger.
All of them shares an incredible bond.

4.How did Marcus and Abby meet?

Well, the story of their meeting is very interesting, you would love to know how did they met.
Philip and Richardson met each other in June 2011 at a party in Washington, D.C. organized by mutual friends
They both didn’t knew many other individuals at the gathering, so they stated up a discussion. They discussed their mutual interests in languages, music, travel, and cuisine.
However, their chat was interrupted accidentally by another party member, which caused some uncertainty. He stated in an interview “We were building an unbelievable connection when suddenly another lady interfered,” Richardson told the magazine.
I was like, ‘Whoa, her buddy is attempting to save her from me,’ and we parted ways.” But Phillip had never met the other woman.
He did, however, have another chance about a month later when they were both invited to another party.
They resumed their conversation, this time without interruptions. They began dating just a few days after the second party.

5. Marcus’s and Abby’s Income

Marcus’s net worth is now estimated to be about $250,000. He amassed such a large fortune through his labor in many sectors.

His wife’s fortune, on the other hand, is valued at $300,000. Her fortune was amassed through her profession as a journalist.

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