Facts About Trino Marin, Jenni Rivera’s Ex-Husband

Trino Marin is the Ex-Husband of late singer Jenni Rivera’s. Their relationship last for Eight years and also gave birth to three children. According to the sources it is said that he was found guilty for his sexual acts with his own daughter and sister-in-law for which he was prisoned for 31 years.

It has been decade the incident took place now the fans and other singers are curious to know about his life. So this article will help you know everything about Trino Marin, so go through the complete article.

Early Life :

Trino Marin was born in February 15, 1964. He was famous for his late wife, As she was one of the best singers during 1960s. He belongs to American-Mexican Nationality.

Moreover he perform as a Mexican ethnicity. He was raised in Mexico along with his parents, Later on he was to the United States (US). As he was young when he moved to united States.

Career :

During the time when  he was dating Jenni he used to do many odd jobs. Therefore he started working as a restaurant manager to earn some decent money. So that he could live a better livelihood. The first case as a physical abuser comes from a career-related dispute with his wife.

He want Jenni to stay at home and take care of kids and house, but she refused to do so for which he physically abused her. Jenni asked him for Divorce and after the divorce, he moved on his life and started living near Riverside County.

Marital Issues and Sexual Abuse :

Late Singer Jenni Rivera life was completely messed up, she found herself trapped due to her Husband odd acts. It was high time that she has to take decision for the welfare of herself along with her daughters. Finally she filed the Divorce papers in early 90s. In year 1992 they got separated and the custody of children was given to Jenni.

She stated that she filed the divorce due to physical and emotional abuse. It was after several years later that she came to know about that, It was Marin who sexually abuse his daughters and sister-in-law. Later on when she found about the reality she immediately filled the case against him.

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