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“1670”: Bartłomiej Topa in a new podcast! This made him laugh the most

During the hour-long broadcast, the actor talked about his start and studies at theater school. He willingly answered questions about the challenges he faced and mentioned that they wondered whether the student would get rid of the Podhale accent. The hosts also asked the actor about the series “1670” – Bartłomiej Topa talked about working on the set and the scenes where he was “ready”.

Is the role of John Paul a gem in Bartłomiej Topa’s artistic achievements?

“I have the feeling that something nice has happened for all of us,” he added.

Agata Łabno, who in “1670” played one of Andrzej’s daughters, rival of John Paul, mentioned scenes during the filming in which the actors were… boiling (this means that they were trying to refrain from laughing), including: quoting a dance in front of the tycoon’s son.

For Bartłomiej Topa, a scene that completely amused him was there was a scene of the release of Bogdan (Dobromir Dymecki).

“You weren’t there, but it was so absurd. I see guys sitting in ditches, it’s minus three in this forest and I look at Bogdan, who says that he is here after all and we must remember that.

John Paul, Polish nobleman and owner (of the “smaller half”) of the village of Adamczej he has big ambitions and even bigger problems. For he desires become the most famous John Paul in the history of Poland, however, on the way to this noble goal everyone throws obstacles in his way. The peasants do not work as hard as he would like, his daughter Aniela rebels against the nobility’s rules and has no intention of becoming the wife of the magnate’s son, and Andrzej, his eternal enemy, adversary and co-owner of Adamczycha, gives him a headache.

And this is only the beginning of troubles, because not only the local council is approaching, but also new problems in the form of long-lost family members or possible future daughters-in-law.

This year’s winner of Eagles in the best feature film series category. Tens of thousands of fans gathered in the FB group, the status of a cult production and a phenomenal comedy series – “1670” was the biggest surprise at the end of 2023, so the decision could not have been different. On March 6, it was announced on official social channels that Netflix would produce a second season. We can expect new episodes in 2025!

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