Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Bob Dylan surprised his fans. He sang a rock’n’roll classic

Bob Dylan released his 38th studio album in 2020, “Rough and Rowdy Ways”. Promoting it, he has been giving concerts all over the world for the last three years. During a concert that took place two days ago in Fort Myers, Florida, the legendary composer and poet performed the piece Chuck Berry.

This did not happen by accident, because all the artist’s fans know well how much Dylan appreciates the work of the pioneer of rock’n’roll, who died in 2015. “In my universe, Chuck is irreplaceable,” he said of Berry in a 2009 interview with Rolling Stone. “All that shine is still there, and he’s still a force of nature. As long as Chuck Berry is around, everything is as it should be. He’s a man who’s been through everything. The world treated him so badly. But in the end, the world stayed defeated,” he said.

Listen to the song “Roll Over Beethoven” performed by Bob Dylan.

This is not the only surprise that has happened to Bob Dylan fans recently. Compositions by his favorite artists such as Jerry Lee Lewis, Leonard Cohen and Van Morrison often appear in the concert setlist. At the concert that took place the day before, Dylan dusted off the famous song “Big River” from Johnny Cash’s repertoire. He hasn’t performed it live for 21 years.

Let us remind you that the unique Outlaw Music Festival concert tour, which has electrified rock and folk fans in the USA, will begin soon. During it, 82-year-old Bob Dylan will perform alongside the 90-year-old Willie Nelson. They will also be accompanied by, among others: Robert Plant and Alison Krauss.