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Jacob Mendez

Zbigniew Preisner loves cats. They gather thousands of views online

Zbigniew Preisner For some time now, he has been posting on the Internet not only news about recordings, but also his poetry. He devotes a lot of space to his beloved animals, and the recordings are very popular.

Although the 68-year-old creator already had animals, including: cat Wawrzek and dog Hector, in October last year his heart was stolen by a two-week-old baby found during his stay in Rhodes. The kitten appeared at the door of the apartment, and the composer couldn’t just leave it like that. “Beautiful man, animals know and feel it best. Your life will be wonderful together. Bows to the Master!”; “Fight on little one, you are lucky”; “You are a good man,” wrote his fans, who were increasingly interested in Wiktor’s fate.

The artist started feeding the animal and created appropriate living conditions for it, and later took it with him to Poland. It would seem that up to a certain point, this number of reports would be enough for his fans. However, it turned out that Preisner’s followers went crazy about the little kitten and started demanding more videos and updates on its development.

As he stated in an interview with “Gazeta Wyborcza” at the end of 2023, the cat is on the right track to getting along with other four-legged inhabitants of the house. He knows that Wiktor is a very brave “tiger”. The appearance of the cat brought a lot of joy to the composer, who began to report almost every, even the smallest, step in the pet’s development.

Zbigniew Preisner’s fans, who previously knew him only from his outstanding musical works, experienced quite a shock when the artist opened the door to his own home to show them how he takes care of a cat. So much so that he even took the toddler to his studio and let him wander around the keyboards. “They say that one of the measures of humanity is its attitude towards animals…” wrote one of the commentators.

During one of his trips to Paris, the composer delighted his fans with the information that he had found a moment to play in a lottery in which the prize was a toy – intended for a tiny cat. “What do these cats do to people”; “You are a mad man”; “The end of the world. The cat is waiting – the master is hunting,” fans wrote. Each of Wiktor’s recordings collects thousands of views, and the composer continues to provide his fans with favorite content.

Zbigniew Preisner showed his animals sleeping to his music in one of his recordings “Melancholy”which was released on March 15.

“Grand Canyon – the journey of a lifetime. You are locked in the beauty, the memories of limestone, the secrets of the mountains. When you approach them, you have the distinct impression that you are standing in front of castles, monasteries, cities,” we read in the mysterious announcement of the album. The album rooted in classical and experimental music consists of five compositions – “The Realm Of Imagination”, “Preserved In Memory”, “In Beautiful Dreamland”, “Unfinished Conversation” and “Requiem For The World”. “Melancholy” was released by Preisner Productions.

Zbigniew Preisner is one of the most famous composers of film and theater music, known, among others, from cooperation with Krzysztof Kieślowski Whether David Gilmour.

His soundtrack credits include: to the famous “The Decalogue”, “The Double Life of Veronica” Whether “The Secret Garden”. He also cooperated with, among others: with David Gilmour on albums “On An Island”and “Rattle That Lock”.