Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Your Face Sounds Familiar. The Best”: Do you recognize who played the legend?

“Your face sounds familiar” is the most frequently watched music show, which has been accompanying viewers for exactly 10 years – subsequent editions are broadcast twice a year, in the spring and autumn schedule. During these 19 seasons, the program featured 152 artists who underwent over 1,500 perfect metamorphoses and donated nearly PLN 4 million to selected charities. The rules remain unchanged – the winner of each episode of the show hands over a check for PLN 10,000 each week. PLN, and in the final as much as PLN 100,000. PLN for selected charity purposes – supporting a sick person, an orphanage or an animal shelter.

The new season of the program will feature eight participants who have become famous for their outstanding performances in recent decisions. We can see the performance in advance Stefano Terrazzino as Liza Minelli! The winner of the sixth edition returned moved, hoping for another unforgettable adventure in life, which began with a performance as a spectacular film and song star.

Although according to Maciej Zakliczyński he looked more like it during rehearsals Frank Sinatra, he showed class on stage as always. Like a Broadway hit “New York, New York” performed by the charismatic Stefano in Piotr Gąsowski’s opinion? “It was something fantastic. You have such distance from yourself, and it’s just lovely. I love you too and thank you for being here,” he said..

Watch a fragment of the performance!

In this unique 20th season, we will see the finalists from previous editions. Such a strong lineup is a guarantee of the highest level of performance. All eight are professionals who are perfectly prepared vocally and physically.

Who will appear in “Your Face Sounds Familiar. The Best”? The group of the best of the best is opened by Katarzyna Skrzynecka. She won the golden mask in the first season of the program and could not be missing in this special edition. Apart from the actress, we will also see Aleksandra Szwed, the finalist from the fifth season, Maria Tyszkiewicz from the sixth season and Barbara Kurdej-Szatan from the fifteenth season. The men’s group will include the winners of: the third edition – Stefano Terrazzino, the eighth – Kacper Kuszewski, the ninth – Filip Lato and the tenth – Mateusz Ziółko.

Piotr Gąsowski, who co-hosted the show for the 17th edition, will sit on the jury, next to Małgorzata Walewska and Robert Janowski. In addition, in the anniversary edition there will be a new trainer who will prepare the participants in terms of acting. Marcin Przybylski, who himself was a participant in the 2nd edition of the music show, is a professor of theater arts and an academic lecturer. We also know him from many film, TV and theater roles. Now she will use her professional experience to work on the “Your Face Sounds Familiar” stage.

The rules of the Program have been the same since the first edition. Each of the eight participants draws songs that they will perform in the next episode. And since then, they have had a titanic job ahead of them. In this show, it is not enough to sing the same way – what matters here is a 1:1 representation of the character. You have to learn to perfectly imitate every movement, gesture, and capture the same intonation and voice sound. In addition, there is a whole team of specialists in make-up, design and sewing of outfits, preparation of set design… The whole thing is a huge undertaking, with hundreds of committed people working on it. And the goal is always the same – to make the best show.

“Your Face Sounds Familiar” is a unique program in which the participants do not drop out after each episode. Throughout the entire edition, they are assessed by a group of jurors, led by the irreplaceable Małgorzata Walewska, a world-famous opera singer, from the first edition. Competitors award each other additional points, sometimes decisive for the podium. Only in the semi-final episode, the best four are selected and fight for the victory, i.e. the golden face, in the final. Fortunately, there are no losers in this show. Each participant who wins the episode decides to which foundation he or she wants to donate the winnings in the form of a check for PLN 10,000. zloty. The prize of PLN 100,000 is also donated to charity. The finalist is honored to be able to decide which foundation he or she will allocate this considerable sum of money to.

In this special season, viewers will decide who will win. For the first time in the history of the program, voting will take place via text message.

The program will invariably be hosted by the duo: Maciej Dowbor and Maciej Rock.