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Jacob Mendez

Will Turkish series disappear from TVP during Euro 2024? We are checking

Turkish TV series They have been extremely popular among TVP viewers for years. Public television regularly broadcasts daily episodes of soap operas from the Bosphorus, such as “The Inheritance”, “The Golden Boy” and “Forbidden Fruit”. Additionally, the Spanish production “Akacjowa 38” also attracts a large audience, winning the hearts of fans of Turkish series. Fans of these productions spend entire afternoons following exciting stories. However, their TV routine may soon be disrupted by the upcoming 2024 European Football Championship, which will be broadcast by TVP. How will this affect the schedule of beloved series that have been attracting millions of viewers for years?

Polish Television announced that it does not intend to introduce a summer break in broadcasting popular Turkish and Spanish series. Nevertheless, two significant ones sporting events – Euro 2024 and the Summer Olympic Games – may affect the regularity of broadcasting episodes. The European Championship matches will be played at 3:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. Before and after each meeting, expert studies are scheduled to be broadcast on TVP1 or TVP2. The tournament starts on June 14, and the final will take place on July 14. Although there is no official information regarding the schedule for the football championships yet, viewers must be prepared for the fact that on some days they may not see their favorite soap operas.

After analyzing the TV program for the next week (June 10-14), it can be seen that productions such as “Forbidden Fruit”, “Golden Boy” and “Emanet” will be broadcast without changes. However, from Monday, June 17, 2024, there will be breaks in broadcasting – on that day, no new episodes of “The Golden Boy”, “Emanet” and “Forbidden Fruit” will be broadcast.

Turkish TV series on Tuesday, June 18: TVP has planned to broadcast new episodes of “Golden Boy” (episode 201) and “Heritage” (episode 298). Unfortunately, we will not see “Forbidden Fruit” that day.

Turkish TV series on Wednesday, June 19: TVP will not show new episodes of Turkish series on Wednesday. Instead, the Croatia – Albania and Germany – Hungary matches will be broadcast.

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