Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra. The king of smartphones is coming

Samsung has accustomed us to organizing shows of its flagships at the beginning of the year. This was the case in January, when we presented the family of phones marked with the number 24. It must be admitted that this year's edition of the Galaxy models turned out incredibly well for the Koreans.

It is not without reason that people started saying that Samsung is… the best in the world. At least when it comes to Android. Fans of the Google system currently have a choice between Samsung and all the rest, because no matter how controversial it may sound, the Korean company has provided us with a lot of great new products in this year's edition, including Galaxy AI. However, not even a year has passed and we already know something about the new edition. At least when it comes to the king of flagships, i.e. .

The latest leaks come from a Twitter user named Sawyer Galox, who published some supposedly verified information about the upcoming smartphone. The first mentioned novelty is the use of UFS 4.1 memory, which is faster and less reliable than version 4.0. This one was included in the S24 Ultra and was great in its own right. However, it will be even better.