Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Why won't Maryla Rodowicz be at the festival in Opole? There is an answer

61st National Festival of Polish Song in Opole will take place from May 31 to June 2.

He became the artistic director of the festival Wojciech Iwańskidirector “Dancing With The Stars. Dancing with the Stars” at Polsat (he has a contract with the company Jake Visionwhich produces this format), previously working at “I have a talent” and “X Factor”. In the past, he also worked for TVP as a director and screenwriter of documentary films.

“Opole unites again,” emphasizes TVP when announcing the festival. After many years, they returned to the public station, among others: Kayah, Andrzej Piaseczny, Krzysztof Zalewski Whether Big Tits.

The program will be missing Maryla Rodowiczwho performed many times during the Polish song festival.

“There will be no Maryla Rodowicz. And I don't see anything strange about it. Maryla Rodowicz did not fit, so to speak, into the formula of this festival. She would not have performed in the debuts, if she had submitted a song, she would have performed in the premieres,” she explains in an interview with “Fakt ” Wojciech Iwański.

The artistic director of the festival emphasizes that there was no censorship behind the decision.

“From what I know, Mrs. Maryla doesn't want to compete with anyone anymore. She won't perform in the concert in honor of Janusz Kondratowicz, because she has never sung his songs. She already has Super One. But please don't think that this is censorship. No there is no censorship, there was no censorship, at least on my part,” adds Iwański.

The competition will begin on the first day Premieres, which will traditionally feature 10 performers. These are: Alicja Szemplińska (“Calm down, gentlemen”), Lanberry (“What am I doing here”), Józefina & Skubas (“When it's ugly”), Łukasz Drapała (“You won't be alone”), Piotr Cugowski (“Calm before the storm”), Zabłocki Personally & Czesław Mozil (“Ławeczka”), Monika Lewczuk (“Lekko”), Marcin Sójka (“House of Sand”), Tatiana Okupnik (“I'm Coming Back”), Jan Górka (“No Tell Me”) – program winner “The Voice of Poland”.

Part of this concert will be a recital by the duo: Kayah and Andrzej Piaseczny. He is responsible for the script and direction Beata Szymańska-Masny.

Under password “Your heart is enough to live” It will celebrate 50 years since its debut in Opole Michał Bajor. The special guests of this event will be: Alicja Majewska, Włodzimierz Korcz and Kayah. He will lead the orchestra Zygmunt Kukla.

This year, the participants of the Debuts competition will compete with songs Czesław Niemen in symphonic arrangements. The following people will perform on stage: Klaudia Marzec, Zalia, Lou Lou Safran, Norbert Wronka, Iga Kozacka, Wojtek Stefanowski, Natalia Muianga, Dominika Dobrosielska (winner “Chances for success” – autumn 2023), Rope (winner of the competition of the National Center of Polish Song in Opole). The tenth performer will be the winner of the program “Chances for success. Opole 2024”whom we will meet on May 12 (broadcast on TVP2 at 3:15 p.m.). The debuts will be hosted by Aleksandra Kostrzewska and Bartosz Cebeńkoand is responsible for the script and direction of the concert Paweł Zeitz.

The participants of the Premieres and Debuts were selected by the Artistic Council of the 61st National Festival of Polish Song in Opole. It is made up of: Wojciech Iwański (Artistic Director of the Festival), Adam Sztaba (Music Director of the Festival), Piotr Metz (music journalist), Jarosław Wasik (Director of the Polish Song Museum in Opole), Magdalena Matyjaszek (Head of the Department of Culture, Tourism and Foreign Cooperation of the Opole City Hall) and musician Jarecki (Jarosław Kubów).

On June 1, a concert returning to Opole will take place Super singles, during which Polish rock stars will perform their greatest hits. The amphitheater will feature: Lady Pank, Wilki, Big Cyc, Bajm, Proletaryat, Kobranocka, Kasia Kowalska, Krzysztof Zalewski, Tomek Lipiński, Closed Branch, Stiff Pal Asia, Boys from Plac Broni. Concert prepared by Cyprian Ziąbski will lead Marcin Daniec.

Saturday in Opole will also end with Kabaretton returning to the festival with the participation of such stars as: Cabaret of Moral Anxiety, Cabaret of Young Gentlemen, Cabaret of Tiring Sketches, Kabaret Nowaki, Kabaret K2, Grupa MoCarta, Zenon Laskowik, Jerzy Kryszak, Zbigniew Zamachowski. He will be responsible for the musical setting of the event Marcin Partyka (The Jobers). He prepared the script Robert Górskihe took up directing Szymon Łosiewiczand he will lead the whole thing Piotr Bałtroczyk.

The creator, who died in 2014, was awarded many times in Opole. His lyrics were performed by, among others: Anna Jantar, Halina Frąckowiak, Irena Jarocka, Czerwone Gitary, Trubadurzy, Trzy Korony, Zdzisława Sośnicka, Krzysztof Krawczyk, Kasia Sobczyk, Andrzej Zaucha, Reserve, Hanna Banaszak, Top One Whether Gayga.

Written by Janusz Kondratowicz For Irena Santor hit “You'll come back here” he will sing this time Kayah. His other songs will be performed by artists representing various musical styles and genres. There will be no shortage of surprising duets and trios. The idea of ​​the concert is to connect generations.

They will appear on stage Kayah, Mietek Szcześniak, Natalia Kukulska, Staszek Sojka, Roxie Węgiel, Piotr Cugowski, Damian Ukeje, Ewelina Flinta, Anna Maria Jopek, Dorota Miśkiewicz, Andrzej Lampert, Natalia Przybysz, Kasia Moś, Ania Rusowicz, Bovska, Krzysztof Zalewski, Ania Karwan, Alicja Majewska, Kasia Wilk, Marcin Wyrostek. He will lead the orchestra Adam Sztaba, who will also be the author of all the arrangements presented during the concert. Concert prepared by Wojciech Iwański will lead Jacek Cygan.