Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Who will win “The Voice Senior”? There can only be one winner of the TVP show!

“Saturday’s grand finale ‘The Voice Senior’ is not only a musical spectacle, but also an emotional journey through the lives and dreams of the singing finalists of the fifth edition of the program. It is also a reminder that dreams are there to be fulfilled, regardless of age. And this is proven by eight finalists, two people per team: Alicja Węgorzewska, Maryla Rodowicz, Halina Frąckowiak and Tomasz Szczepanik“- we read in the announcement.

The grand finale was divided into two stages, and who will receive the title remains to be seen Best Voice of the fifth edition of “The Voice Senior”only viewers who vote for their favorites will decide!

In the first part of the finale, eight participants will sing songs dedicated to people close to them, sharing with the audience not only their talent, but also their personal history. After all the performances, each coach will select one person who will advance to the second, decisive stage of the grand final. This is where the four finalists will perform two songs – one their premiere and a hit that allowed them to win the hearts of coaches and viewers during the earlier stages of the program.

Musical experiences at the highest level will be provided not only by extraordinary seniors, but also by special guests: Zbigniew Zaranek, winner of the previous edition of the talent show, trio Tre Voci and unforgettable Fame Przybylska.

They will guide you through this unique evening, during which we will see how the oldest generation realizes their greatest musical dreams Marta Manowska and Rafał Brzozowski.

The grand finale of the fifth edition of “The Voice Senior” will take place on February 17 at 8 p.m.

He is the owner of the company “Music Services”, which he has been running with passion for almost half a century. His musical path is rich in experience gained through cooperation with various bands. Mention may be made of: Pompomswhere the uniqueness of the musical costumes was emphasized with pompoms, or Pollena, named after the packaging plant. You also can’t forget about Tornado, a band known for their energetic performances. Currently, Tadeusz participates in the fire brigade orchestra in Garwolin, where he continues his musical passion. Despite a wide range of musical interests, Tadeusz clearly distances himself from disco polo, preferring more niche repertoire, such as songs for anglers. It was his teammates who convinced him to take up a new challenge – participation in “The Voice Senior”which is a chance for Tadeusz to share his rich musical experience with a wider audience.

In life, he is guided by the principle that the color blue is a symbol of what is sublime and spiritual – values ​​with which he deeply identifies. This belief is so strong that blue has become not only her color of power, but also a distinctive accent of her appearance, decorating her hair. Even though her professional path was not related to art – Małgosia worked in the technology industry for 40 years, music always found a place in her life. Małgorzata has been singing at weddings for half a century and is an active member of various choirs. Her heart beats to the rhythm of classical music, which leads her to believe that in her previous incarnation she must have been an opera diva. However, this is not her only passion – Małgorzata practices yoga, which she teaches at the University of the Third Age. He is also a certified music therapist who loves playing Tibetan bowls. The decision to participate in “The Voice Senior” was not dictated only by the desire to present vocal talent. Małgorzata also wanted to meet other seniors for whom music is equally important. It is a space where he can share his passion, experience and, perhaps, discover new musical paths. For Małgorzata Kraszkiewicz, music is not just sounds, but a bridge connecting people and generations.

Participant of last year’s edition “The Voice Senior”, who, after failing in the blind auditions at that time, did not give up fighting for her dreams. She returned to the music program and reached the grand finale, proving that she had enormous amounts of talent and determination. Music has always been an integral part of her soul, but only life changes allowed her to fully devote herself to her passion. In the past, she was limited by the attitude of her ex-husband, who was afraid that Róża’s success would distance her from him. Everything changed after the age of 40, when Rose she met Benka, her current partner, who became not only support for her, but also an inspiration to spread her musical wings. Currently, Róża and Benek live and form a musical duo in Germany. Róża, with passion and energy, convinces at every concert that people in their 60s can sing and live their lives to the fullest.

Already as a child, she showed extraordinary musical sensitivity. Her first “microphone” was an iron cable. The inspiration to follow my musical dreams was my older sister, who was already attending a music school. Regina, not wanting to be left behind, also signed up to study, choosing the violin class. However, her extremely sensitive hearing meant that she had to practice with cotton in her ears. Her talent was quickly noticed during a student song competition in Krakow, where she impressed such celebrities as: Wojciech Młynarski and Marek Grechuta.

This opened the door to an international career for her! Regina received a contract in Yugoslavia, where she began singing in hotels. Professional and personal life changed dramatically when she met him at one of the performances in Split Josko, a Croatian who became the love of her life. Out of love for him, she moved to Croatia, where she has lived and worked for almost 40 years. Recently, for various personal reasons, Regina had to take a break from her musical activity. Now, thanks “The Voice Senior”makes a triumphant return to the stage.

Known in the music world under the nickname “Pazur”, he is the embodiment of the spirit of rock’n’roll. His musical journey began in the 1970s, with a band Hocus had the opportunity to support the legendary Czesław Niemen. Roman collaborated with many outstanding artists, including Urszula Sipińska and Halina Frąckowiakand his talent also found a place in the team’s project Breakout, for which he recorded several songs for the album “Żagiel Ziemi”. Despite impressive experience, Roman Wojciechowski he never received the full recognition his talent deserved. This feeling of unfulfillment prompted him to take up the challenge and participate in the fifth edition “The Voice Senior”. Every day, Roman values ​​living in harmony with nature, spending his days in his forest cottage, surrounded by the forest and animals, which are a source of inspiration and peace for him. His heart still beats in the rhythms of jazz and blues, with which he experiments while playing in various musical bands. Despite this, he dreams of a solo career in which he could fully express himself and his passion for music.

From her earliest years, she lives in the rhythm of music, which was not only a passion for her, but also a life guide. Initially, she learned singing by listening to the radio, which allowed her to develop her talent in the comfort of her home. The turning point in her life was meeting her future husband, with whom she not only connected her life, but also her musical career. Together they created a good team that became a fixture at many events. Music was also an important part of Lucyna’s family life – together with her husband, they raised five children, spreading their love for sounds.

The sudden death of her husband was for Lucyna and her family a huge blow. Lucyna had to fight for her existence, which prompted her to work in Austria, where she sang at Viennese dance halls for years, trying to provide a decent life for herself and her children. After years of sacrifice and work, 4 years ago Lucyna returned permanently to Czchów, where now, enjoying a well-deserved retirement, she can fully devote herself to her work. Lucyna continues to write poems, record songs and share them on the Internet, showing that true passion has no age limits. With a huge amount of experience and full of artistic energy, Lucyna Mazur she came to “The Voice Senior” because she believes that now is the best time to show the world her unique musicality and life experience poured into every sound and word of her songs.

Ten years after his participation in “The Voice of Poland”, Piotr Salata returned to the stage, this time as the youngest participant “The Voice Senior”. His musical path is an example of an unconventional artistic path – Piotr, although a professional, has never formally trained his voice. Everything that delights us on stage today is the result of years of experience gained while performing at dances and special events. Piotr waited a long time for his chance in the world of music. For years, he focused on his professional work, being the director of the Cultural Center, and released his first album at the age of 49. Then, working with Gordon Haskell, proved that true passion for music knows no limits. With jazz and swing flowing in his veins, Piotr is ready to win the fifth edition of “The Voice Senior” and show that it is never too late for great musical victories.

A Renaissance man in the true sense of the word. His life path was extremely diverse – from economics, through running his own shop, dental clinic, travel agency, sewing factory, to politics. However, despite his success in these areas, music was always present in his heart. Moving to the countryside turned out to be a key moment in Wojciech’s life, because there, completely unexpectedly, he found his way back to music. Friendship with the guitarist Maanamu changed his life, inspiring him to return to the music scene. Wojciech, also fascinated by theater and literature, wants to share his artistic visions on an even larger scale. In team Lockdown Wojciech combines covers with his own songs, expressing his long-standing passions. Now, standing on the stage of “The Voice Senior”, he proves that true love for music and art can turn into extraordinary stories regardless of age or previous life path.