Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Who was eliminated from “The Voice Kids”? Tomasz Kammel was outraged

Kinga Wylęgły In “The Voice Kids” appeared at the last moment, because soon she would not be able to perform with the youngest participants due to her age. In the program she sang the song “Leave a Light On” Belinda Carlisle.

Unfortunately, none of her seats turned around. “Kinga, you have such a strong vibrato that on the one hand it fascinates me, but on the other hand I started to be afraid of it. It was very intense,” he commented Baron.

“I was looking for your style and I couldn’t imagine in which direction to push you next. We are at the stage of creating our bands and I think: ‘the girl sings great, but where, in which direction’. I didn’t understand which direction you wanted to go musically” – she said Cleo.

Despite the defeat, the participant was not discouraged by the coaches and gave them gifts in the form of bracelets.

“You have a very strong voice that needs to be controlled. But just wait a minute. If you find the music that plays within you, it will shape you,” he summed up Thomson.

Track Julia Żugaj she did, however Blanka Migoń. The coaches talked to each other about the participant getting lost during the song. The unturned seats were outrageous Tomasz Kammelwho behind the scenes didn’t understand what happened.

“It’s nice to listen to you, but you have to pay attention to the Polish language. I had to really focus on what the lyrics were because I didn’t know the song. It’s important to convey this information to the recipient,” he advised. Baron.

Thomson invited the participant to the program in the next season. “The highest sounds were a bit loud,” she added Cleo. Natasza Urbańska she encouraged the participant to cultivate originality in her voice.

He also said goodbye to the program Bartek Dyrdaperforming Shawn’s song Mendes “I’ll Be OK”. The participant made a great impression on the audience when he entered the stage. However, his performance did not convince the coaches.

“You have a very good voice. But it’s not clear enough. You work too much with sound, not words. If you center it, it will be perfect,” he said. Thomson.

Urbańska blamed the not entirely successful performance on the participant’s voice mutation. “Invest in yourself,” she told him at the end.