Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

When he started singing in “Got Talent”, Kuba Wojewódzki didn’t know what to say. What is Paveu Ostrovsky (Decadent Fun Club) up to?

Wide audience Paveu Ostrovsky introduced himself in the third edition “I have a talent” (2010). During the audition, he sang the song in an original way “Life On Mars” by David Bowie. He heard “yes” three times from the jurors, and he was also very well received by the studio audience.

“Paul, I don’t know what fairy tale you came from, but it is a very strange fairy tale,” he commented then. Kuba Wojewódzki. “Respect,” she praised him Agnieszka Chylińska.

Much to the surprise, the singer was not among the 40 semi-finalists – he was also rejected Gienek Loska, and these decisions, according to many, were the biggest mistakes of the jurors in that edition. Ostrovsky disappeared for a long time while working on his music.

After several years of intensive concerts in clubs, cafes, basements, squats and successes achieved on the largest festival stages (including Męskie Granie, Pol’and’Rock, Jarocin, OFF Camera, Castle Party, FAMA) team Decadent Fun Club presents the long-awaited album “Oko”.

The Warsaw group decided to be independent – the funds for the album’s production largely come from fans who took part in the collection, thanks to which the band could ensure the highest quality while maintaining complete artistic freedom. Unlike the early English-language songs of Decadent Fun Club, the “Oko” album contains 10 songs with Polish lyrics.

They started producing their debut album Leszek Biolik (as a bassist and producer, he recorded and performed with artists such as: Republika, Obywatel GC, Wilki, Robert Gawliński, T.Love, Brodka, Justyna Steczkowska, Marek Kościkiewicz, Marcin Rozynek, Fiolka) i Bartek Szczęsny.

The famous artists currently perform alongside Ostrowski in Decadent Fun Club Out Of Tune keyboardist Mateusz Gągol and drummer Kamil Cegiełka. In 2020, bassist and co-founder Jasiek Łukomski (Cream) replaced Jakub Lipiński.

She guest sang in the last single “Tam”, which closes the album Anja Orthodoxvocalist of the group Closterkeller. Let us add that it is she who opens the Decadent Fun Club concerts with her solo act on the tour promoting “Oko”.

“The symbol on the cover is a compass – ‘EYE’, mentioned in the title track. ‘Eye of the storm’, i.e. a calm place in the middle of a great storm. The essence of the text ‘Eye’ is ‘calm heart’. Although cognitive science specialists recognize the brain is considered the only human command center, but according to poets, the center responsible for feelings and emotions, as well as intuition, is the heart. Following the poetic trail, let us assume that the heart is an internal compass that is used for navigation – it helps determine the location and indicate the direction. For the compass to work properly, you need peace. We wish you beautiful journeys with the ‘OKO’ album and peace in your heart, even when there is a storm around – so that you always know where you are and where you are going,” the musicians encourage.

1. “Tango”
2. “Stamina”
3. “High”
4. “Ufo”
5. “Grey”
6. “Hydra”
7. “Truth”
8. “The Devil”
9. “The Eye”
10. “There”.