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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Cops”: Poles’ favorite series returns! New episodes from March 4 on Polsat

Already in one of the first episodes Natalia (Ewelina Ruckgaber) and Cuba (Piotr Mróz) will have to solve the case involving the jeweler. And although the first findings indicate that the motive was simple theft, it will soon turn out that they are dealing with an extensive network of criminals. In turn to Adam (Aleksander Mackiewicz) and Olga (Natalia Brudniak) an old criminal case will come back. Detectives will come face to face with a dangerous man. Will the detectives be able to solve the mystery this time?

While accompanying the title characters in their work at the police station, viewers will also be able to follow the detectives’ private lives, which also have both sweet and bitter flavors in their case. In Krystian’s life (Tomasz Skrzypniak) a stepbrother will appear. Although he gives the impression of an organized and nice guy with a good job and a fiancée, it will quickly turn out to be just a play on appearances. Natalia will also have problems (Ewelina Ruckgaber), who will have another problem after regaining her adopted son. Natalia’s friends will want to help, but her problems will also be discovered by the management. What will come of this? Adam (Aleksander Mackiewicz) decides to find a healthy outlet for himself and becomes deeply involved in running a judo club again, where he personally conducts training for difficult youth.

However, the new season of “Cops” is, above all, the return of well-known and liked characters: Ewelina Ruckgaber, Piotr Mróz, Arkadiusz Krygier, Tomasz Skrzypniak, Aleksander Mackiewicz, Natalia Brudniak, Monika Miller, Helena Chorzelska, Dariusz Dłużewski, Zbigniew Kozłowski, Oliwia Bieniuk, Przemysław Saleta, Lea Olesiak, Łukasz Strzałka, Radosław Rutkowski, Magdalena Soczawa, Robert Szewczyk, Bartosz Winiarski, Michał Głowacki and Aleksandra Fronczak.

“Cops” from March 4, Monday to Friday at 5 p.m. on Polsat!

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