Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

What’s Camila Cabello planning? She has undergone quite a transformation, but that’s not all

Let us remind you that the former singer’s third album Fifth Harmony Camilla Cabello – went on sale in April 2022. The album includes the singer’s last hit, recorded with Ed Sheeran the number “Bam Bam”, conquering radio stations around the world.

Ultimately, however – despite good reviews by reviewers (76/100 points on Metacritic) – Cabello’s third album was a commercial failure for the star. “Familia” it only reached tenth place on the Billboard 200, and its popularity could not be compared to Cabello’s previous albums – “Romance”, and above all “Camila”which went double platinum in the US.

There was talk of the first attempts to release new music by Cabello in 2023. The singer herself posted an enigmatic announcement on Instagram at the end of the year, where she is sitting in the studio with the note “most of my last months, see you soon” – announcing that 2024 will be the year in which she will release a new album.

“I’m always planning something, but I won’t talk about it too much. I love calculated surprises,” she said in 2023 in an interview with Rolling Stone. In February, the magazine reported on the singer’s metamorphosis. Cabello shared photos of herself with blonde hair online, electrifying her fans.

However, in addition to compliments about her new image, there were many where fans saw the change in her appearance as the opening of a new stage of her career, related to the upcoming album. Cabello herself wrote only “It’s time” on Instagram. People magazine quoted the artist’s hairdresser, Nikki Lee, who directly stated that Cabello’s new hair color “is supposed to announce something big.”

“Camila wanted something big for 2024, and what could be bigger than platinum blonde, a color she never had,” she wrote.

“It’s getting closer. It’s closer than you think,” Camila Cabello wrote in early March under her video of herself sticking out of the window of a moving car. In the background, you can hear a fragment of her new song, and according to fans it will be called “I Luv it.”

The singer also promoted the single in a non-obvious way at an NBA match between Miami Heat and Detroit Pistons. The star was wearing a T-shirt with this inscription and gave one copy to the basketball player Jimmy Butler.

Some fans were convinced that Cabello was trying to announce the return of her girl group in a slightly veiled way Fifth Harmony. However, it is known that the group does not intend to reactivate for now. At least that won’t happen anytime soon. Ally Brook, who has so far had the least solo career of all the band members, denied the reports in an interview with E! News.

The singers are busy with their solo projects. The new album was announced not only by Camila Cabello, but also by… Normani.

There is also talk about her private life as loudly as the singer’s new album. Every now and then, speculations about Cabello breaking up with… Shawn Mendes. However, when photos of the Latin star together with… Drakespeculations began about their potential relationship.

The couple was spotted on an exotic vacation Turks and Caicos Islands. Cabello clarified the romance rumors at the earliest opportunity.

In the podcast “The Call Her Daddy” she denied that she had anything more in common with the rapper. “First of all, we didn’t go on vacation together. I treat him like a friend, it was just a friendly trip,” she said, then suggested that it was not just a social meeting, but also related to working together. Will we hear Drake on Cabello’s album? We will probably find out later this year.